It’s a Virtual Baby Shower!

My dearest blog friend Julie from Mothergoosemouse is soon due to give birth to a bouncing baby boy, and even though she already has two daughters, we thought she could use a little advice about boys, and, of course, a celebration!

Our friend (and Julie’s business partner) Kristen from Motherhood Uncensored along with our friend Cathy from Mayberry Mom are hosting this shower today, called Take Cover, Mothergoosemouse!


In the spirit of the theme of the shower, the first thing I’d like Julie to know is that what you have read and heard is true-newborn baby boys WILL pee on you. Even if their diaper is wet, something about peeling it off and exposing their tiny penis to the air can and often will cause a jet of pee to emit. And while you can buy a product called (I am SO not making this up) “Pee-Pee Teepees“, I recommend just keeping a cloth diaper handy, and try to get the old diaper off and the new diaper on as quickly as possible. If you have to wipe up poop, just lay the cloth diaper over just in case of an unexpected geyser. Also, before fastening the diaper, make sure your son’s penis is aimed down, otherwise you are likely to have more soaked t-shirts than you know what to do with.

As far as personality goes, there’s really no way to say how different your son will be from your daughters. Sure, boys like to climb on things and play in the dirt and bring home sticks and leaves, but so do girls. Oh, here’s one thing that is different-boys will make a gun out of anything. You can never bring any gun-shaped item into the house, never let him see any kind of gun on TV, and even still, you just might pick him up from preschool one day to find out that he was putting a bunch of Duplos together into a vague, gun-shaped object, and then running around yelling “pow! pow!”. It’s hard-wired in, I’m convinced of it.

If your son is anything like mine, I would be prepared to buy a LOT of Legos and action figures in the next few years, but other than that, I would just prepare yourself to enjoy your new bundle of sweet,smiley, snuggly boy.

Besides, his sisters will probably fight you for who gets to hold him the most anyway!

Oh, and if you want some “boy” music to listen to, here’s a link to a totally awesome songlist that Kristen has been gathering. She asked for songs that are tinged with blue, packed with boys, sprinkled with rain-and she got FOUR playlists worth!

Congratulations, Julie! Having three kids is a challenge, but it also means you get three times the hugs, three times the hand-drawn pictures and the glue-and-glitter Christmas ornaments, three times the hugs and kisses at bedtime. I hope you’ve enjoyed your Virtual Baby Shower, and I can’t wait for you to have your son!

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  1. Thanks Elizabeth! And I think you’re right on about the guns – it’s just innate for almost all boys.

    mothergoosemouse’s last blog post..The bewildering behavior of the teeny weeny peeny (and its owner)

  2. That’s so true! In fact, I was the first person my five year old son peed on when he was first born! It was my first diaper and I was totally confused as to what to do. So I blocked with one hand, while I fumbled for a diaper / towl / wipe all at the same time while my wife laughed, and laughed her but off from her hospital bed. That was a fantastic moment for us both.

    Fortunately I’ve not been peed on since, but I have unfortunately caught the occasional accident in the bath tub!

  3. Thanks for playing along! You have the perfect perspective, as the mom of three!

    mayberry’s last blog post..Aww! His first pee fountain!

  4. awesome. looks like u r on the right track of motherhood. my best wishes.