Super Awesome Giveaway-Marc Jacobs, Barneys, Pinkberry, iTunes!

This Giveaway is Closed. The four randomly chosen winners are comments numbered as follows:

Commenter #7 is Doreen from Scrap Wonderland, she wins a Marc Jacob wallet.
Commenter # is Brooke, she wins a $25.00 gift card to Barneys.
Commenter # 8 is Cindi, she wins a $15 gift card to Pinkberry.
Commenter # Elizabeth M., she wins a $15 gift card to iTunes.

Congratulations winners!

Although I am too busy during the day to watch them now, I used to be HOOKED on CBS Soaps. I started watching “Young and the Restless” with my Grandma Sullivan when I was in elementary school and would visit her during the summer, she called it her “story”, and there was NO TALKING during Grandma’s story. Starting in the 6th grade, I would come home from middle school just in time to watch the second half of “As the World Turns” and “Guiding Light”. On days when I stayed home sick, I indulged myself in the whole CBS lineup, starting with Y&R, then “Bold and the Beautiful”, then ATWT and Guiding Light. When I started my job at the Credit Union, we tuned into the CBS radio feed and listened at our desks, timing our lunch breaks so we could watch a solid hour on the lunchroom TV.

And now, thanks to SOAPnet, I can stay caught up on the characters and stories of my CBS “stories” any time I want! SOAPnet is more than just daytime TV, too, it’s been relaunched to include coverage of entertainment, stars, pop culture, beauty and fashion news in an “informed, engaging editorial style.” The SOAPnet channel shows not only daytime soaps, but also reruns of old shows like “Beverly Hills: 90210″ (so cheesy it’s cool again), and new shows like “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Pushing Daisies”. For each show you can click links for recaps, cast info, even message boards.

To celebrate the re-launch of, a very generous sponsor is offering some AWESOME reader giveaway prizes! Here’s what I have to give away to four VERY LUCKY winners:

(Image coming soon)

A $25 Gift Card to Barney’s!,default,sc.html

A $15 Gift Card to Pinkberry!

A $15 Gift Card to iTunes!

Contest Rules:
To be eligible for this giveaway, you MUST do the following:

1. Visit the SOAPnet website then come back here and tell me, in a comment, one show that you watch or enjoy reading about that has a page on the SOAPnet site.
2. Subscribe to this blog’s feed using the RSS Subscribe links in the sidebar, OR Stumble this post (the first person to Stumble will need to write a short description), OR submit the post to Digg or Kirtsy using the links at the end of the post, OR write a short post about this giveaway on your own blog linking back to this post’s URL. In the same comment as above, tell me which one of these you did.
3. Make sure you leave a valid email address in the comment field, winners will be chosen at random and informed by email and will have three days to reply with their full name, mailing address and daytime phone number for shipment of prizes.

This giveaway ends Monday, August 18 at 11:59 PM EST. I will use to generate a sequence using the number of valid entries received, and the top four numbers in the sequence will be the comment numbers that win. The first number randomly chosen wins the Marc Jacobs bag, the second number chosen wins the Barney’s Gift card, the third number chosen wins the Pinkberry Gift Card, and the fourth number chosen wins the iTunes Gift Card.

Disclaimer: Prizes awarded in this contest are being provided by a sponsor. MomReviews is not responsible for changes to prizes based on availability. Winners will be provided with the sponsor’s email address and must contact them directly with questions about the prize.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

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  1. Very cool website and give away…

    I LOVE General Hospital but haven’t watched it since Sam was born. When I lived overseas I used to read the daily updates on the Port Charles website every day just so I could keep up — and I was over seas for 6 years! Once Sam came along, I just couldn’t keep up!

    So I popped over to and OMG! Jagger was there! On a new show called GH Nightshift! I read all about it. I’m so excited… I may have to start TiVo’ing and watch while I do my run….

    And I already subscribe to your blogs!

    mimipz5wjjs last blog post..Introducing The New Improved Play/Game Room

  2. I LOVE As The World Turns. It has been my favorite since I was way too young to watch it. I spent summers with my grandma so she got me hooked early. Thank goodness for DVR!

  3. I have always been a fan of Guiding Light and Days of Our Lives.

  4. DAys of Our Lives got me through my pregnancies )sane ;0)
    Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Bebemiquis last blog post..Contest of the Day

  5. great contest. i will definitely enter

  6. Days of Our Lives, which I’ve watched on-and-off since I was a little kid. Currently I’m in an “off” phase mainly due to the whole EJ/Sami business.

  7. Love General Hospital! My parents have gotten me into the show!! :) I’m a Subscriber here! :)

  8. Hello! I like the show “Brothers and Sisters!” I don’t do daytime soaps! I am a subscriber to your feed. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  9. Layla Altenburg says:

    I’ve watched the As The World Turns on and off for years. Weeds is a great show and One Tree Hill is my guilty pleasure.


  10. judy brittle says:

    General Hospital is a favorite of mine and I began watching it while I was in high school many many years ago. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much!

  11. days of our lives!
    great site ~ thanks for sharing!
    moore.g at

    stacey moores last blog post..Kumon Publishing Review {GIVEAWAY}

  12. General Hospital. I stumbled it. And post here:

  13. Hmm, since I don’t have time for soaps I get caught up with them when they air a commercial! Seems like you can get a lot of the story by that 30 second blurp, but this website would be much better. I would say Days, that was the only one I really ever got into and still can remember info about. Thanks for a great giveaway, simply wonderful!

  14. Ha ha! I used to watch “As the World Turns” and “Another World” with my Mother as a child. Now I’m able to catch “Passions” and Desperate Housewives!

    phillipsonlygirl at gmail dot com

  15. We are subscribers via e-mail and RSS!

    phillipsonlygirl at gmail dot com

    Kristinia-Loving Heart Mommys last blog post..Hump Day Giveaways

  16. Gina Stratos says:

    I’m a huge Mad Men fan. I think the writing is great, the men are gorgeous and the fashion is to die for. I also subscribed to your feed. Thanks!

  17. Desprate Housewives……Thanks! Make sure you check out my giveaway for a personalized Princess Bracelet!

    Shays last blog post..Princess Galore

  18. I’ve been watching Days of our Lives since I was about 10 years old. I love it.

    I am also a subscriber.

    misty ws last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Spying on the cat.

  19. Stumbled as valmg
    Kirtsyd as valmg
    Blogged ya at

  20. Cheryl W says:

    I love Desperate Housewives, and it has a page on soapnet. I had no idea that they considered that show a soap!

  21. What Desperate Housewives is listed? My very fave. I used to watch Passions too. And reaching really far back All My Children with my MIL!

    Dani’s last blog post..WHAT!?

  22. Elizabeth M. says:

    I love Desperate Housewives!

  23. Elizabeth M. says:

    I subscribed to your rss feed too!

  24. I watch Y&R, named my kids Matt and Nick from old storyline in 95/96 when they were born. Still watching it and love Adam.

    I watch GH and GH NIghtshiift. I liked last season better, but love Jagger, plus they have autism storyline.

  25. I like Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice that are on SoapNet. Thanks,

    Megans last blog post..Urgent needs for our troops!

  26. I’m subscribed and I have your button up on my blogsite.


    Megans last blog post..Urgent needs for our troops!

  27. I am an All My Children girl. I love that program :)

    Also, I subscribed to the feed :)

    Rhis last blog post..Friday Bullets: Bye Bye Cyst Edition!

  28. My favorite is All My Children. I am also a subscribed and stumbled the post.

  29. I am happy to see that my favorite show Brothers and Sisters has a page on Soap Net!

    I subscribed to your feed with Bloglines.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. Soapnet has a page on my favorite night-time soap: Grey’s Anatomy. ( I guess I didn’t realize that GA was considered a soap!) You never know what medical emergency will strike next, not to mention the crazy personal lives of these medical mavens. Thanks for the contest!

  31. I have watched Days of our Lives off and on since I was a child. It’s great to have sites like so we can get our fix and update in a few minutes instead of an hour. Thanks.

  32. Carol Ezovski says:

    I subscribed to your feed AND the show I watch most often is All My Children. Have done so for years!

  33. I have always been a fan of Days!

  34. The OC, Greek, and Gossip Girl are all tied!
    I subscribed to your feed.

  35. I love watching Dirty Sexy Money. It’s so funny!

  36. Kristine Michelle says:

    I’ve always liked All My Children

  37. Tamara Bennington says:

    I have and will always be an All My Children fan! It saved me when I was put on complete bed rest with my last two children. Who doesn’t love Erica Kane?

  38. I used to watch General Hospital all the time but more recently have been a Days of Our Lives fan. Thanks!

  39. I totally love Ugly Betty.

  40. The Young and the Restless has me hot and bothered!

  41. I am addicted to Brothers and Sisters!

  42. I have been a GH fan for over 20 years now

  43. Pamela White says:

    I like to keep up with General Hospital Night shift on because I have to work the night shift and miss some of the episodes.

  44. Rachel Watts says:

    I am a big General Hospital fan. Been watching it for over 20 years (although I don’t get much of a chance anymore.) kermit forg [at] g mail [dot] com

  45. Rachel Watts says:

    I also stumble upon’ed you. ermit forg [at] g mail [dot] com

  46. Stephanie Bruce says:


  47. I love SOAPnet to keep me update so I can hold an intelligent conversation with my family members. I love the Young and the Restless.

    Thanks for a great sweepstakes.

  48. Jennifer R says:

    I’ve watched Days of our Lives for years – love it!

    I’ve subscribed to your blog via Google reader.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  49. Samantha Pruitt says:

    i love watching Desperate Housewives, just so much drama!

  50. My “story” now is One Life To Live.

  51. Sylvia Porter says:

    i really like the show Days of Our Lives!

  52. General Hospital, thanks for this giveaway!

  53. General Hosipital is one of my favorites. It does get good then dumb. But I watch waiting for it to get good.

  54. Kathy Conley says:

    Count me as a General Hospital fan!

  55. Ilissa H. says:

    For me it would have to be Days of our Lives. I am subscribed to your blog via Google Reader. Thanks!

  56. kathy pease says:

    i love as the world turns

  57. General Hospital has been around for a long time. And I keep coming back to it.

  58. Kristen Hendricks says:

    I’ve been watching One Life to Live on and off for years. I really enjoy it at times.

  59. Days of Our Lives.


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