TOOBEEZ-Giveaway Plus Charitable Donation!

This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to the winner, Dawn from Coming To A Nursery Near You !

toobeez setDo your kids love building with Tinkertoys? Have you ever wished there was a bigger version of Tinkertoys? Well, now there is! TOOBEEZ are the giant building tubes that can be used as a toy, an educational tool, a teambuilding prop, even a therapeutic aid. And right now, TOOBEEZ is making an amazingly generous offer to MomReviews Readers as well as everyone who makes a purchase during the month of November-Buy TOOBEEZ, Get TOOBEEZ!

Purchase a 57 piece giant tinker toy TOOBEEZ® kit for $99 and receive a complimentary 15 piece set ($24.99 value) to share or keep. Simply provide a name, organization or business and an address, and they will ship the present. That’s right, you buy a 57 piece kit, and TOOBEEZ donates a 15 piece kit to the charity of your choice! (You can also keep it for yourself and that is totally okay).

Because TOOBEEZ uses UPS ground for shipping, this offer is only available in the continental US. What a great way to buy a super-cool toy for your kids for Christmas and make a charitable donation too! The set comes with 32 tubes, four stretchy “skins”, 20 connecting balls, and a tote bag.

TOOBEEZ also has activity books available for sale on the site, showing how the tubes can be used to demonstrate math and language arts concepts, work as a team-building exercise for companies (just try attaching a bunch of markers to the tubes and making a team of people work together to write a word!), even as therapy for Seniors and children with special needs. TOOBEEZ ARE AMAZING!

I am so thrilled to announce that TOOBEEZ is very generously giving away a complete 57 piece, $99.99 Kit to one MomReviews Reader, AND donating a 15 piece kit to the charity of their choice! wooo hoooo!!  For one entry, please visit the TOOBEEZ homepage and browse around, then come back here and tell me one thing you learned about TOOBEEZ from visiting the site.  I’ll choose one winner from all entries to receive the free TOOBEEZ kit plus a second kit donated to the charity of their choice!

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  1. What a great site!
    I love the fact that not only can you PLAY with Toobeez but you can also use them as a learning device. My fav idea was the Math Activity Workbook. This would be great to do with my homeschoolers!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Lindas last blog post..Another great giveaway

  2. I love the committment to our planet they seem to stand by. Wonderful that they are doing their part.

  3. Love the occupational therapy downloads you can get!

    Abbys last blog post..Feature Friend Kristen Fairy house

  4. Toobeez has educational books that help kids learn! How awesome!

    Alexias last blog post..Help me stay sane!

  5. I never would have imagined that these could be used in Language arts for teaching kids how to construct sentences. I love products that have many uses, and Toobeez has so many. This product could really grow with your child.

    Kathleens last blog post..The Mad Hatter Beckons Me

  6. I subscribe at katwalck at hotmail dot com

  7. First of all they are HUGE! I thought they would be much smaller – gosh kids would love these. They are also good for therapy/special needs.

  8. stumbled – marybeth i.

    marybeth i.s last blog post..Avon Medallion set giveaway winner!

  9. already subscribed!

    marybeth i.s last blog post..Avon Medallion set giveaway winner!

  10. your are on my blogroll and directory on my main blog

    marybeth i.s last blog post..Avon Medallion set giveaway winner!

  11. judy brittle says:

    Its just great that the giant Tinker toy building system can be used as a toy, an educational tool, a prop to engage teambuilding or a therapeutic aid. Thank you so much!

  12. judy brittle says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  13. Oh those look SO cool! We could use these for all 3 kids!

    Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near Yous last blog post..e-lance, freelance – ba-lance…

  14. I’m already a subscriber. :)

    Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near Yous last blog post..e-lance, freelance – ba-lance…

  15. I’ve stumbled – (dawniemom)

  16. and I’m adding your button to my sidebar on right now.

  17. I love that they have Therapy Extension ideas to use with kids that receive Occupational Therapy. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  18. I subscribe to your RSS feed in my Google Reader :)

  19. I have your blog listed in my Blog roll (not sure why it was not there in the past – Ooops!)

  20. I Stumbled for you :)

    TheAngelForevers last blog post..Cheese Please

  21. I love these toys….the fact that they are so big and easier to manipulate than smaller parts.
    I also love the educational value these and other toys provide young children! SO important!

  22. Subscribed to your feed on Google…:)

  23. The name “TOOBEEZ” came from “Tubes and Easy”! Such an awesome products with SO many awesome uses…Constructing sentences and Math, WOW! Never would have thought that!

  24. I love that the Toobeez product isn’t just a toy, it’s supported by lesson plans and ideas so that people of all ages can get the most out of the toys. Seniors, children, homeschoolers, business professionals in need of a creative team building exercise…everyone can get some value out of Toobeez!

    I also love the companies charitable contributions, it makes me feel good to buy from companies like that.

    Eryns last blog post..Friday Field Trip: Firehouses

  25. I am also a subscriber to your feed in my google reader.

    Eryns last blog post..Friday Field Trip: Firehouses

  26. I learned that the generous people at Toobeez are giving away a free 15 piece set to any person’s choice of charity if they purchase a 57 piece set as well. So very cool of them!

  27. Oh those things look so nice and cool. Toobeez are very helpful for kids.

  28. TOOBEEZ®® are available at over 500 specialty toy shops across the country.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. I am subscribed.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. You are on my blog roll:

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. I like that they have Therapy Activities For Seniors. They really can benefit.

  32. I am a subscriber.

  33. I have an engineering degree so naturally TOOBEEZ appeals to me. I like the hands-on spacial and kinesthetic learning aspect of the toy. Great way to encourage an interest in engineering and the sciences. Would love to donate a set to our local university for use in their “Engineering a Girl” program and other outreach programs for kids.

    Janelles last blog post..Best of Kids Music – 2008 Fids and Kamily Music Awards

  34. I am an email subscriber.
    pvilletoygirl (at) gmail dot com

  35. These are sooo cool! You can build SOOO many different things with just one set! Thanks so much for the chance!

    Dees last blog post..ImagiPLAY Puzzle Review

  36. i subscribed via reader

    Dees last blog post..ImagiPLAY Puzzle Review

  37. i added your button!

    Dees last blog post..ImagiPLAY Puzzle Review


  1. stay tuned for our giveaway page, wil post tomorrow… working on some technical difficulties. check this now

  2. stay tuned for our giveaway page, wil post tomorrow… working on some technical difficulties. check this now