Wonka Easter Candy Review

Running out to the store today to buy last-minute easter candy ? It’s okay, I forgot to buy a HAM for dinner! We might end up eating fried chicken from the Meijer deli for dinner instead! Anyway, I have some suggestions for last minute treats from Wonka that will make excellent additions to plastic eggs or Easter baskets.

Wonka sent me a few samples of their Easter candy, including the super-cute SweeTARTS Candy Carrot. It’s a clear, carrot-shaped bag filled with orange flavored Wonka SweeTART Jelly Beans that is almost too cute to open and eat!

DoubleYummy Gummies- Individually wrapped large gummy bunnies and chicks in natural orange, lemon and strawberry flavors. The back side of the gummy is a “soft mallow” which tastes sort of like a marshmallow gummy. It mellows the tartness of the fruit flavor.

Wonka Exceptionals Chocolate Waterfall Eggs- Milk chocolate eggs with a white chocolate “waterfall” marbled throughout. My husband loves white chocolate and claimed most of these for his own!  I did get one to try and it was delicious.

Wonka Exceptionals Scrumptious Chocolate Eggs- Chocolate eggs with crispies and toffee in them. I was tempted to not share these with the kids and keep them for myself! Ryan and I are the big toffee fans, and we both agreed that these are incredibly good!

Egg Fillers- All of the Wonka favorites like sweeTARTS, Gobstoppers, Spree and Bottlecaps in little packets perfect for filling plastic eggs. As the one who’s job it is to fill the eggs every year, I like looking for individually wrapped candy. After all, those little plastic eggs sometimes break open when grabbed by excited kids, and who wants to pick candy out of the grass?

The shelves at Walgreens yesterday were still pretty full, so I would check there or CVS if you have to run in somewhere quick. Otherwise, Target and Walmart should still have candy left today.  Check out the Wonka website to learn more about all of their products, play games, even listen to music. And also, HAPPY EASTER!

disclosure: Wonka sent me samples of their Easter candy to faciliate this review. No other compensation was received.

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