BodyVerde Natural Skincare Review


At the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago last month, I had the pleasure of meeting the ladies who created BodyVerde Natural Skincare products.  They are Moms who had kids with skin conditions that weren’t improving with the use of over-the-counter products or even prescription products, so they set out to find their own solution. What they learned was that natural, botanical ingredients gave them compelling results. Why natural ingredients? I think this explains it really well:

We believe in the powerful effects of pure, real ingredients and their capability of accelerating the body’s own amazing ability to heal itself and restore balance. Those benefits cannot always be reproduced synthetically. Our skincare contains no fragrances, only essential plant oils, no coloring agents, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil, no petroleum, no synthetic preservatives, no sulfates, no propylene glycol and never any animal products or testing on animals.We utilize what nature provides – powerful antioxidants, soothing botanicals and nourishing vitamins. When combined the right way, these ingredients work together synergistically in a powerful yet gentle way to restore balance and harmony to your skin. Botanical oils and plant derivatives work at the cellular level yielding reparative results.

Pretty amazing! I had the opportunity to review three BodyVerde products of my choosing. I chose Fresh Skin Rx because my husband has bad eczema and gets these red, itchy patches on the backs of his hands.  The Fresh Skin Rx soothes that itch and the redness minimizes every time he uses it.  The Tea Tree, Green Tea and Aloe Vera ingredients have antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and can relieve eczema, fungal infections, itchy bug bites, sunburn, poison ivy and rashes from allergic reactions. It also moisturizes with vitamin E, glycerin, shea butter and cocoa butter. All that from a product that costs $12.99!!

I didn’t have as great of results from Pore Tight Pore Minimizer, but that’s not BodyVerde’s fault. I have oily skin that I badly neglected when I was younger, and now my pores are so enlarged that it’s pretty much impossible for anything to minimize them :P   However, it does seem to help cut down on oiliness throughout the day, so I’m going to keep using it. Maybe it will just take longer for it to heal my poor skin!

Lip Perfect Smoothing Serum contains beeswax and berry extracts to hydrate your skin and visibly enhance your own lip color, and a blend of exotic oils that smooth upper lip lines and help repair damage due to aging, hormone loss and dryness. It has an interesting applicator – instead of a brush, it’s a plastic paddle. It’s easy to smooth on an even coat, and depending on how dry my lips are, I can usually feel my lips get softer pretty much right away. It’s pricey at $19.99, but a little goes a long way – the tube I have will last me three or four months.

Having used these three BodyVerde products definitely made me a fan. I encourage you to check out their website to see more of the natural skincare products they make,  connect with them on Facebook, and/or Twitter. These are truly nice people who make really great products!

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