Guest Post – Garden Spot Village – Striving for the Best Retirement Communities Can Offer

Garden Spot Village Strives for the Best Retirement Communities Can Offer

On June 4, the 104-acre campus at Garden Spot Village Retirement Community will be bustling with activity. The retirement communities of Lancaster PA strive to offer fun, engaging and varied programs for their residents and Garden Spot Village is no exception. “Encore: The Festival” is a day-long celebration planned to celebrate vitality, living and aging well. From best-selling authors to Grammy-winning musicians, local artisans and delicious food, the best retirement communities celebrate aging and the latter decades.

Festival Showcases the Best Retirement Communities in PA Have to Offer

“Encore: The Festival” will offer more than just entertainment. The festival will include inspirational speakers and age-focused workshops on topics ranging from living a healthy lifestyle to exploring spirituality, starting a new career or finding hobbies. Information from understanding technology to going green, building a strong community and giving back through volunteering will also be shared. Festival attendees will be able to hear from local experts on travel planning, managing finances, caring for aging parents and shaping your own legacy.

Garden Spot Village knows that many residents of retirement communities in PA are entering some of the best years of their life. “Encore: The Festival” aims to shatter misconceptions about aging and help residents of retirement communities in PA to live their life to the fullest.

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