Color Blanks by RoseArt

Rose Art by MEGA Brands introduces Color Blanks, white “blank slate” figurines that inspire imaginations to run wild! Each Color Blank comes with three permanent mini markers and a sticker sheet. There are endless possibilities for personalizing your Color Blank!

MEGA Brands sent us a Color Blank to review, and I decided I would let Kaitlyn decorate it completely on her own with no input from me. I’m a bit of a perfectionist ;) She had fun coloring with the mini markers – keep in mind, they are permanent and won’t wash off clothes or furniture. I’m lucky, Kaitlyn is always super careful with markers.

Of course, this was AFTER her bath because that’s just the kind of Mom I am, clean the kid first, THEN let her use messy markers :P

This YouTube video  shows all the different Color Blanks figures and how they can look decorated .

Color Blanks come in singles, two-packs, and a family pack of four, each with mini markers and stickers. To see the complete list of Color Blanks figures and what stores sell them, visit

You can also connect with RoseArt online-



Color Blanks are fun to keep around for those “Mom, I’m bored moments”. Kaitlyn is already asking for another one so her Color Blank can have a “friend”! Whether your child likes animals, people, or monsters, they are sure to find a Color Blank they’ll have fun making their own. Single figures are $4.49-$5.49, two-packs are $9.99-$10.99, and the Family Pack is $14.99. Buy them at Target, Walgreens, K-Mart, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby or Office Max, or online from or the MEGA Bloks Shop.

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  3. She looks so focus and happy. You are amazing mom!

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