Calico Critters Camryn’s Country Boutique Review

Welcome to the cute and cuddly world of Calico Critters! These Critters are designed with remarkable attention to detail. The adorable miniature animals live in precious homes decorated with life-like furniture and accessories. Each family plays a different role in the community and they all reside in Cloverleaf Corners – a happy and peaceful place, surrounded by beautiful nature. Calico Critters are wholesome and realistic. Built around the traditional values of family, friends and community, they encourage little girls to use imagination and share their own experiences as they play. What’s more, they are a great collectible for fans of all ages!

My daughter has loved Calico Critters since the first day she saw them. A whole world populated by adorable Mom, Dad, siblings, and baby twins animals was just the thing for her imagination! For her birthday last year, one of her gifts was the Calico Critters Carry Case, which brilliantly opens up to reveal not only storage drawers, but a two-level playhouse as well. At last count, I think she owns at least 6 sets of the animals.

I knew she’d be thrilled when I was offered the chance to review Camryn’s Country Boutique. It comes with Camryn the Caramel Cat dressed in a red dress, plus 3 additional dresses on tiny hangers hung on a clothing rack. There’s also a purse, a tilting mirror, and even magazines for visiting Critters to peruse while they wait their turn at the mirror!  Kaitlyn has changed Camryn’s dresses countless times, plus brought in other Critters to shop as well.  I love listening to the stories she makes up as she plays!

Every Calico Critter animal has it’s own unique personality and is part of a family. Each family has a Mom, a Dad, boy and girl siblings, and boy and girl baby twins (twins are sold separately from the family of four).  For example, in the Ellwood Elephant Family, Mother Ella is a famous children’s book author and Father Edwin is a doctor specializing in children’s medicine. He likes to spend a lot of his time with his family. Brother Elliot enjoys playing football and soccer and is a great athlete. Sister Eliza loves to compete in beauty pageants and wants to be a super famous model.  The twins are Ellie and Evan. Ellie is very sweet, caring and loving. She always wants to be around her family, especially her brothers and sister. Evan is just a little ball of energy. He jumps out of his crib in the morning and is crawling around the house and outside all day.

Camryn’s Country Boutique is available on Amazon for $18.95. It would be a terrific gift for a little girl over the age of 3 who loves playing with little animals! (disclosure: Amazon Associate link used)

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