Palermo’s – Quality Private Label Frozen Pizza

When you go to a grocery store and buy a store brand frozen pizza, have you given much thought to who actually makes it? It’s called Private Label sales, and for frozen pizza, a leader in the industry is Palermo’s of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Stores that want to sell their own brand of frozen pizza make Palermo’s their frozen pizza supplier because Palermo’s has the staff and expertise to identify consumer trends and know what kinds of pizza customers are going to want to buy!

Palermo’s began as a family pizzeria, with recipes brought to America from Sicily by founder “Papa Palermo”. Now in it’s 3rd generation as a family business, Palermo’s is a pioneer among private label pizza manufacturers, as they were the first market Rising Crust pizza (1989), Ultra Thin pizza (2003), and Hearth Baked pizza (2007). In addition to those varieties, Palermo’s also makes Hand Tossed, Stone Baked, Hearth Italia, and Breakfast pizzas.

Visit to watch Palermo’s Pizza commercials, read the company history, join the La Famiglia community for news and special offers, print coupons, and find a retailer near you.  Be sure to click the Community tab at the top of the page to read about Palermo’s Charitable Giving program, see which sports and entertainment venue sell Palermo’s, and learn about their Fundraising opportunities. I hope Palermo’s expands East and comes to Michigan soon, their pizza looks so good!

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  1. I’m in agreement with you, their pizza’s look really tasty. Frozen pizza has been making big strides. I know a compnay that sells awesome cold pizza’s here in Michigan. That’s a pizza you buy fresh, not cooked and take home to cook it. Place is called Victor & Mereks and is located up in Birch Run outlets.

  2. Frozen meals mean quick and simple dishes you can throw on the table. Although I love the idea of saving time I believe in making the pizza from scratch. Still, have to admit it is fabulous to have something on hand for one of those days when you just want a hassle free meal. And than, it truly is beneficial to know that what you buy comes from the folks with experience and passion in the field.

  3. Hi,
    If you’ve got the time, making your own fresh pizza is best and not that difficult. But I must say that some of the Italian frozen pizzas are really very good.(Check the label, and make sure it’s really made in Italy)
    Lisa Norton´s last [type] ..Steve Jobs

  4. It looks appetizing. I think it’s okay that she was frozen.

  5. Those pizzas look tasty! Frozen pizzas mean quick dishes…but… making your own homemade pizza is best and it is not that difficult, you choose the toppings you like the most and it is healthy.