KOEZY Micro-Fleece Wrap Review

Is it as cold where you live as it is here in Michigan? Where it SNOWED for a few minutes yesterday?  Do you work in an air-conditioned office building where sometimes the air is on full blast and you need something to wrap yourself in? If so, then do what I’m doing and Get Your KOEZY on! KOEZY is a micro-fleece wrap designed by two Moms that is fashionable, comfortable, affordable, and in my personal opinion, AWESOME.

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Koezy goes on like a cardigan and then fastens in a really cool way. You pull a tie from one side through a loop on the other side.  You can wear it loosely or cinch it tight.  I wear mine in the mornings when I wait with Kaitlyn for the bus, and it keeps me so warm!  It’s also great for chilly mornings when I’m dropping my husband off at carpool, evening walks, I’ve even used it as a sort of blanket while watching TV on the couch.  I’m definitely taking my KOEZY when I fly to Atlanta next month -when I get back I land at 10:30 at night and I’m for sure going to need it!

KOEZY wraps come in three neutrals that go with everything, plus they each have a splash of color: Blissful Black (with turquoise closure), Charming Camel (with tortoiseshell closure and Irresistible Ivory (with tortoiseshell closure.)   I got the Camel and it looks great with jeans as well as navy or black dress pants.  Because KOEZY is so adjustable, you’ll get a customized fit. The sizes are small (2-6), medium (8-12), large (14-18) and extra large (20-24).  Here are even more reasons to buy a KOEZY!

KOEZY has a wealth of benefits that solve common clothing issues:

Wide collar gives a stylish look when open and can protect the neck from the cold when closed

Roll-up sleeves can fit any length of arms and can be rolled down to protect hands in colder weather

Unusual and easy-to-use wraparound closure:
a) offers a splash of color
b) easily adjusts to accommodate the amount of clothing a woman wears beneath it
c) gives a more fitted look
d) won’t fall off (as buttons do)

Two deep pockets comfortably hold a number of items without looking bulky

Mid-thigh length is:
a) flattering
b) offers additional protection in cooler temperatures
c) still won’t interfere with rolling office chairs when draped across their backs between wearings

Right-weight micro-fleece:
a) is plush and warm without feeling restrictive
b) is pill-resistant
c) is wrinkle-resistant so packs well
d) is washable and won’t fade

Moderately priced at $49.99so women can afford to buy more than one color or purchase several to keep in different places (at the office, in the car, at home)Can be accessorized with pins to become even more personalized and stylish

Now that you know how awesome KOEZY is, go get one for yourself at koezy.com! Also makes a perfect Mother’s Day Gift!!

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  1. I love both my Koezy’s They are so easy to wear and look great with anything. The Camel color Koezy is daytime choice. It looks great with my jeans.
    I love the Black for evening. it dresses up any outfit. especially when I add jewelry to the lapel. P.S. My mom loves hers too!

  2. Sue Brosmith says:

    I love my KOEZY! Not only is it great for winter, but I love wearing it in the summer when I go to air conditioned movies and stores. It is especially great for travel! I don’t leave home without it! It is lightweight but keeps me warm! I get lots of compliments when I wear mine and others want one right away!! Love my KOEZY!!!

  3. M.E. Maguire says:

    Talk about the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Well, not just for Moms, but women of every age will love their KOEZY. It’s become my defacto “uniform”—I wear it all the time, so I had to have all the colors! It is more stylish than the old sweater hanging in any office, and the perfect length for getting in and out of the car all day. It’s versatile, doesn’t wrinkle and can be thrown in a bag or the backseat and it always looks great. Order yours today!!

  4. Carissa Casiello says:

    I love my KOEZY – I wear it as a light jacket since this year has been so unpredictable! It is easy to just keep in my bag and yet still looks super fashionable when I take it out and wear it. I love it’s versatility – it goes with every outfit I have (I have both the black and the camel colors).

    Love, love, love it!!