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wave home solutions basement unitHouses in Michigan have basements, and because we have rain and snow too, homeowners have to address a common problem – a musty smelling basement. All that moisture in the ground surrounding the basement walls seeps in, so not only is the air smelly, but that air can cause mold to grow. Ick.

Our solution up until now has been to use a dehumidifier that sits next to a drain in the floor, with a hose running down to it. It does keep the musty smell away, but I hadn't even thought about bringing fresh air in as well. The problem is that dehumidifiers pull the moisture out of the air – and then recirculate that stale air back in.

Now I've learned about Wave Home Solutions, which solves the damp basement or crawl space problem in a whole new way. A dedicated 6" vent to the outside is installed, which pulls

damp air out and allows fresh air from upstairs to circulate down into the room. The WAVE Home Solutions Basement ventilation system has a very cool feature – it's height is adjustable to fit the space it will be in. It ajusts from 62" to 97" tall, is 11" wide and is 7" deep. It uses a very low 35 watts of power for the fan, and works in basements up to 2100 square feet. You get an eight year warranty on the fan and cabinet, and a four year warranty on the electronics.

The image above shows the WAVE Home Solutions basement unit. It's sleek and sure takes up a lot less room than the clunky dehumidifier I have now.  Here's a video that shows more, watch it and then go check out the site for yourself!

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