Actor Nick Stahl Reemerges After Disappearing From Rehab

Nick Stahl at a Sin City Q&A in the Paramount ...

Nick Stahl at a Sin City Q&A in the Paramount Theater in Austin in 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been a fan of Nick Stahl since 2003′s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. I looked him up on IMDb and was surprised to learn that Terminator 3 was his 24th acting role! He was a child actor, starting with a TV movie called Stranger at My Door in 1991, when he was just 12.

It’s sad how hard the lives of child actors seem to be, so many of them grow up and have problems with drugs, and Nick Stahl is no exception. Two months ago he disappeared for more than a week, and then turned up and was admitted to a rehab clinic.  Places like bradford addiction center provide treatment for adults and adolescents, with detox and medical stabilization available, counseling for individuals, groups, and families, and continuing care as an outpatient.  I don’t know exactly where Nick went, but the news reported that he walked out of the California rehab center he was in and went to stay at someone’s house.

And then he disappeared again.  He left the friend’s house and didn’t return.   That’s the scary thing about drug addiction – it convinces people to do things they would never normally do.  Fortunately for Nick and his family, he has reconciled with them and is getting the treatment he needs. I’m so glad he realized that family is what really matters. Welcome back, Nick.


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