Caltrate Calcium + Vitamin D3 Review

Did you know that when you wear sunscreen and clothing that shields you from the sun’s harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays, that you are also blocking your body from absorbing the sunlight necessary to produce vitamin D?  Leading experts believe up to 77 percent of Americans have insufficient levels of vitamin D, thus increasing their risk for falls and fractures.

Caltrate with Calcium & Vitamin D3 has double the amount of vitamin D, making it the most vitamin D rich supplement available. While the primary source for vitamin D is direct exposure to sunlight, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends people obtain vitamin D through adequate diet or supplements rather than through increase in sun exposure.


I’ll admit, I am not a fan of taking pills. I’ve seen those “Women’s Packs” that have like five pills in them, and all I think is, no way to I want to swallow all of those! I also learned that the body can only process so much calcium and vitamin D at once, the rest is urinated out. So for the best absorption, take one pill with breakfast (food helps the calcium be absorbed) and one at dinner. The pills are coated and I have no problem swallowing them with a glass of water. And I like that the lid of the bottle reminds me to take them twice a day :)

While writing this review, I got to thinking about my seasonal affective disorder. Living in Michigan, we have very weak sunshine from November until about April. I don’t spend much time outside during those months, and I’m wondering now if taking extra vitamin D will help me feel better. I can’t believe that I can’t wait to find out!

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