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2nd talk logo poise review momreviewsSeptember was National Menopause Awareness Month but believe me, I’m aware. I turned 45 last January, and much to my surprise, began experiencing symptoms of menopause like mood swings and hot flashes. Hot flashes are NO FUN, let me tell you.  It was hard for me, because my Mom passed away in 1997, and we never had a conversation about menopause before then. We had that “1st Talk”, the one about puberty and periods, but we never got a chance to have what Poise has named the “2nd Talk”, the one where women share their menopause experiences with their female friends and family members. Thanks to Poise and Collective Bias, I have women I can talk to any time, and I have products on hand to help me feel comfortable and confident during this time of change.

For example, see how sweaty I am in this photo from BlogHer?

Post-hot flash sweatiness thanks to the beginnings of menopause. Lovely.

I know, it’s gross. I spent that whole weekend blotting my forehead, nose and chin after having yet another hot flash. I’m sure the summer heat wasn’t helping, and the fact that I was moving almost constantly. That’s what this beginning of menopause means to me right now – dealing with hot flashes and the inevitable sweat and shine.

Poise recently launched a line of five Feminine Wellness products, the Poise Fab Five, available at Walmart stores. Symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, fatigue, anxiety, decreased libido, vaginal dryness or odor and mood swings – yikes! These new Poise products are designed to help alleviate some of the most common of those symptoms.  I went to Walmart to shop for them, knowing that my store carries only three of the five.  Before you head to your local Walmart to buy any of them, call to see what your store has in stock.

I headed out to my local Walmart, it was a good opportunity to grab kitty litter as well. Despite Halloween being over a month away, the first display I saw inside the doors was for these great deals on trick or treat buckets, Halloween-themed lidded cups with straws, and black and orange disposable plates.

walmart halloween display momreviews


I figured I should head for the feminine hygiene section, but then it got tricky. My Walmart store didn’t have any signage at all indicating where feminine hygiene products are located, which meant tracking down an employee in the Health & Beauty department and having her help me find them. Once I did, I saw the display for the three Poise Fab Five products my store carries, but only one appeared to be in stock, until I spotted a second product tipped over on it’s side. I grabbed the two products in stock – Poise Feminine Wash and Poise Personal Lubricant – and finished my shopping. I went back two days later and the third product – Poise Body Cooling Towelettes – was in stock. You can see photos from my entire shopping experience on my Google+ Walmart Poise Shop Album.

poise fab five walmart momreviews

The complete Poise Fab Five product line consists of:

Poise Body Cooling Towelettes – I love, love, LOVE these! When I went to BlogHer ’12 in August, it was boiling hot outside, so I was having both occasional hot flashes while inside, and breaking out into a sweat when I went outside.  Poise’s Body Cooling Towelettes are fabulous for wiping off sweat, and with a bonus – they leave behind a cool sensation that lasts up to 10 minutes. I went through almost an entire package over that weekend! EXTREMELY worth the suggested retail price of $3.99, and even better if the price at your Walmart is $2.97 like at mine!

Poise Roll-On Cooling Gel – A discreet tube of cooling gel with an easy twist on/off cap. Gently roll it on your wrists, chest, neck, behind your ears, on your temples – anywhere you want to feel a cooling sensation that lasts up to 10 minutes. It’s also lightly scented and moisturizing. I can see how using it is more discreet than mopping your brow with one of the towelettes, like I was doing all through BlogHer.

Poise Feminine Wash – This gentle wash features a unique formulation that is pH-balanced for the intimate area. Created for daily freshness, Poise Feminine Wash is hypoallergenic, made without Glycerin and Parabens, and gynecologist tested to help you feel clean and confident.  I hadn’t used Feminine Wash in a long time, because the last one I tried must have had some ingredient my body didn’t like and it made me itchy. Poise Feminine Wash is lightly scented, rinses off easily, and is wonderful any time you want to feel more fresh.

Poise Personal Lubricant - Poise* Personal Lubricant comes in a discreet, easy to use bottle that was designed to dispense just the right amount. Its smooth texture allows for effortless application and easy removal with water. Made without glycerin, parabens and any fragrances, this lubricant is pH-balanced.  Let’s be honest, no one likes to feel dry during intimacy.  This is the kind of product you want to buy before you need it, right? ;)

Poise Panty Fresheners – These discreet, feminine fresheners are equipped with a clean and fresh scent that lasts up to 4 hours. Simply remove the backing and stick the freshener to the outside of your undergarment and confidently go about your day. Each pack comes with 24 individual use fresheners.  I have to admit, I’m not a fan of these personally. I don’t have a problem with odor, and if it was bad enough that I felt like I needed a piece of scented material stuck to the outside of my underwear, I’d see a doctor. However, I’m not saying you shouldn’t try them for yourself, they might be just the product you are looking for!


poise products shelf

My Poise products within easy reach on a bathroom shelf.


Poise has also created a great website called the 2nd Talk, with a collection of stories and videos featuring women experiencing menopause. Watch, read, and share your stories with real women as well as experts. It’s a great resource! You can also connect with Poise on these sites:

Poise product information

Poise on twitter

Poise on Pinterest

Poise on facebook

Download a $1 off coupon

I really appreciate Poise giving me the opportunity to learn about and use their new Fab Five products, and I’m so glad they created the 2nd Talk so that I have a place to get my questions answered about menopause!

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