Halloween Prep Work and Products Reviewed.

Halloween is coming close and if its your kids first time going to haunted houses, going to a sleepover party with scary stories or even trick or treating, you have a lot of prep work to do. You have food to make, parenting advice to give so your kids aren’t afraid and you have to keep them sleeping warm and tight so they can rest for school while they are waiting for their favorite candy filled holiday. Here are 3 ways I prepare for Halloween while keeping everyone happy, warm and safe in their favorite kids footed pajamas (to keep the “Halloween Monsters” from biting their toes at night).

1. The Fruit Company Caramel Apple Kit

This is an amazingly fun thing to do with the kids and will give you bonding time to coach them through not being afraid when they are out trick or treating. The Fruit Company Caramel Apple Coffin Kit comes with everything you need to make designer caramel apples at home and in minutes. You just melt the caramel in the microwave, place the skewers in the apples and then dip them in your favorite candies to add more color, candy and flavors to them. Then as they dry and you get ready to eat them, you can talk to your kids about safety in numbers, wearing reflective tape or blinking lights so that cars and other people can see them as well as what types of foods, drinks and candies to not eat or accept when they are out with their friends (people who give out apples, cider, etc…). The Fruit Company Caramel Apple Kit is the perfect thing to buy that is easy to do and will give you enough time to talk to your kids about serious topics while keeping them entertained and having fun.

the fruit company caramel apple kit in coffin

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2. Choosing costumes

Costume shopping can be tricky. You never know how things are going to show up and if you order to late you won’t have any time left to return it and get a new costume. That’s why I always use a live chat service to ask questions before I shop for a costume online. If you still haven’t gotten yours, and all of the stores by you are sold out of everything good, find your favorite costume shop or sites for specific costumes like witch costumes and then get on live chat and ask these questions:

  1. Can I have a coupon code? (We all like to save money)
  2. If the costume doesn’t fit, can I return it and get a refund or store credit? (This gives you enough time to have another one shipped for Halloween and you can get your money back or a store credit.)
  3. Do you have any extra specials for guaranteed delivery by Halloween? (This is important because you want to make sure they can guarantee delivery so you and your kids aren’t stuck without costumes.)
wicked witch costume toddlers

image credit http://www.buycostumes.com

3. Prepping for parties.

Going to a sleepover, especially a first can cause homesickness and worse, scary dreams. When you are sending your kids to their first Halloween sleepover it can be even more scary because the goal is to scare people. Talk to your kids about scary stories and let them know that the monsters aren’t real and that the stories are fake. You may even want to tell them some ahead of time so that they can get used to scary stories and even have one to tell at the party. Knowing their own scary story can not only help them to get over their fear, but it can help them to fit in when everyone is ready for scary stories. Another thing you can do is help them feel safe by buying them new pajamas to sleep in and telling them that they are there to protect them from monsters on Halloween.

Halloween will quickly become one of your kids favorite holidays. Unfortunately you have to prep them for it because it can also become one that scares them or where they could get hurt. By finding a fun way like making caramel apples or carving pumpkins to talk to them about trick or treating on their own, thinking about how to get the perfect costume and on time and also prepping your kids for sleepover parties, you can make prepping for Halloween easier than ever before.


Thank you Adam R. for providing this guest post!

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