Morningside Recovery PTSD Treatment Center (guest review)

guest blogger button momreviewsMorningside Recovery is a fully faceted PTSD Treatment Center based in Newport Beach, California that offers a exceptionally broad spectrum of services. Their goal is not simply immediate relief of an issue, but long-term resolution, by guiding clients to restructure their entire way of living and thinking. Treatment at Morningside Recovery is a whole life recovery process addressing physical, psychological, emotional and socio-cultural needs.

Just as illness is a very personal experience, so is recovery. Morningside Recovery recognizes this fact, and tailors wellness programs to the individual’s needs. Clients are thoroughly diagnosed at intake to ensure that any issues outside their primary concern are also addressed. Nutritional needs, possible substance additions and emotional disorders are all carefully reviewed in order to develop a personalized treatment plan specific to each client. Treatment involves not only individual work, but group therapy with highly trained staff.

Morningside feels that support from peers is equally as important, as these are they are representative of the people you interact with on a day-to-day basis. Through personal interactions, the program strongly reinforces the concept of honesty, with self as well as others. Additionally, family involvement is encouraged and provides a supportive hand. Morningside Recovery handles not only inpatient services, but also extends care to transitional living, allowing clients a smoother passage back into everyday life. With a comprehensive treatment program and a full individual treatment course, Morningside Recovery offers an exceptionally effective solution.

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