Show Team Pride With Collectible Sports Memorabilia from Collectible Supplies

So about a week ago I stopped in at the Bank of America branch because I had been trying to call Mortgage Customer Service for three days, getting stuck in phone menu purgatory for hours, and I just wanted to see a face and get a problem straightened out. Now,  I am a proud graduate of Michigan State University, I also grew up in Okemos which is right next to East Lansing, so Green and White have been my colors for as long as I can remember. And our mortal enemies are the University of Michigan Wolverines. Wearing U of M colors around here is just asking to get teased.

So what did I see in the BoA Loan Officer’s office? A full-size U of M football helmet surrounded by pom poms and a megaphone. I was shaking the lady’s hand and thanking her for her time when I spotted the display, so I said something like “well, it was nice meeting you even if you are a U of M fan”, and the guy in the cubicle next to hers let out this sort of snort-laugh, so I peeked my head around the wall and sure enough, his office was full of MSU stuff. Both of them had more collectible sports memorabilia on their shelves and spare counter space than I had ever seen outside of a store!

The biggest sports fan I know though is my friend Lisa’s husband Bill, who loves the Green Bay Packers (GO PACK!).  I found all kinds of fun Green Bay Packers items she could give him for a gift, like a full size authentic helmet from the 1961-79 seasons,  a set of 16 mini NFC helmets made by Riddell, the official on-field helmet manufacturer, or my suggestion, this ROBOT:

green bay packers robot doll collectibles

The description says fully articulated and can be posed in any defensive or offensive position – so you could buy a whole team’s worth for a really big fan! Check out Collectible Supplies to learn more.

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