3 Tips for Painting The Exterior Of Your Home

Sarah Lifestyle

Whether you’re simply ready for a change in the look of your home or you’ve noticed some damage that you’re trying to repair, painting the exterior of your home can be a great way to update your property and give your home a cleaner, fresher look. However, if you don’t tackle this task the right way, you could end up with a home that doesn’t look as good as it did before even after you’ve spent hours and hundreds of dollars trying to improve it. So to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here are three tips for painting the exterior of your home.

The Right Time To Apply Paint

To ensure that the job gets done correctly, you’ve got to pick the right time of year to paint your house. If you choose to wrong time to work on this project, you won’t get the end results that you were hoping for. According to DIY Network, you should pick the season that’s driest for your area and try to find a day where the chance for rain or high humidity is low. If it’s too wet, the paint won’t adhere or dry correctly on your home, making the final product look less than ideal. If you’re not sure how to choose the best time, consider asking professional home painters when they’re usually the busiest. This should give you a good idea of the best time to get to work on your own home.

Do The Correct Prep Work

Once you know when to start your project, you’ve got to know the best way to prepare for the painting work. If you don’t do the correct prep work before you begin putting on a fresh coat of paint, you could have a very hard time getting the project done at all, let alone having it look like you imagined in your head. According to Brian Patrick Flynn, a contributor to HGTV, you should prep your home by pressure washing it, repairing any damage you see, applying any necessary caulking, and preparing any stains you’ll have to cover up. After you’ve done all these things, you should be able to apply your new coats of paint evenly and easily.

Picking The Right Color

Choosing the right color to paint your home can be a big decision. You likely want it to match with the current design and decor you already have, including the color of your gutters and the other homes in your neighborhood. But to make the job as easy as possible on you, Lee Wallender, a contributor to The Spruce, recommends either painting your home the same color as before or just one shade darker. Going lighter can be very hard to effectively do. But if you choose the same color or one just a shade darker, you can make the job look good without putting in too much painful effort.

If you have plans to paint the exterior of your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you tackle this project correctly.