3 Tips for Keeping The Air Safe For Your Children At Home

Sarah Lifestyle

Parents are always concerned about ways to keep their kids safe. Whether you’re ensuring they were seatbelts in the car, feeding them the healthiest foods, or holding their hand when you cross the street, keeping your kids safe is your number one priority. However, one area you might not realize could be unsafe for them is your home. Or, more exactly, the air within your home. So to ensure your kids are breathing the cleanest air possible when they’re at home, here are three tips for keeping the air safe in your house.

Use The Right Cleaners

Although you may think that keeping your home wiped down is the perfect way to keep the air clean, there are actually a lot of commercial cleaners that can be harmful to breathe in, further making the air within your home dangerous to your kids. To combat this, MyHomeIdeas.com recommends always using unscented or natural cleaning agents. If you choose to buy cleaners from the store, look for ones that are nonaerosol and nontoxic. If you want to make your own cleaners, you can use many common household products that you won’t have to worry about being unsafe for your kids to be exposed to.

Seal Off The Outside

The air inside your home can’t remain safe and healthy if the harmful air from outside your home is able to seep in from every nook and cranny. Especially if you live in a particularly humid or dry part of the world, the outside environment could make the air within your house a lower quality. Knowing this, the American Lung Association tells Good Housekeeping that it’s a good idea to always make sure that your home is sealed off from the outside. Fix leaks from the roof, make sure the windows are secure, and don’t leave doors or windows open too much if you fear that the air outside your home could be harmful in the close quarter of your house.

Get Some Houseplants

Other than keeping things out of the air in your house that could be harmful for your family to breathe in, you can also take measures that will bring in good air to your home. One way to do this is to put plants in your house. Plants naturally can help to purify the air in your home. According to NaturalLivingIdeas.com, some of the best plants to put in your house to help purify the air are Rubber Trees, English Ivy, Lady Palm, Peace Lily, and Golden Pothos. These plants are perfect for thriving in an indoor environment and can make the air you breathe in your house healthier for everyone living there.

If you’re looking for ways to make the air within your home safer to breathe, use the tips mentioned above to help you reach that goal.