3 Ways to Make Extra Cash

Sarah Lifestyle

We, as moms, have so much already on our plate. Many of us work a full time job while taking care of our husbands and children. Some of us are even going back to school while we do that and that doesn’t cover the norms of life such as house cleaning, laundry, car upkeep, and the cooking and shopping. Then, there are those single parents who do all of that alone. Money is the last thing we want or need to worry about. So, here are three ways you could make that worry a thing of the past with some extra cash.

Work Online

Throughout the day, if you are like the majority of mankind, you find yourself on the internet on your phone, tablet, laptop, or pc. Why not use that time to make a little extra cash? There are many companies hiring at home phone operators for major companies such as Whirlpool. You could apply to one or more of the plenteous survey sites online. Here you genuinely get paid for your opinion. Who wouldn’t like that job? You can also take a tour through your house and spend some time listing things you don’t need or want anymore on sites such as Ebay or a buy, sell, and trade site.

Lease or Rent Your Property

Not all of can accomplish this particular goal, but it is a great opportunity nonetheless. Most everyone would prefer a nice, clean place to live. A place they can come in after a long day of work and call their own. Maybe you have an extra room in your house or a whole other house that you could rent out. If not, and you have the resources, renting or leasing property can be very rewarding financially. This approach takes more time and more effort, but the end result is a large payoff that leaves you worry free when it comes to getting the bills paid.


Recycling is one of the easiest ways to make a little extra money and it’s beneficial, as well. Your family uses things that can be recycled every day. We drink canned drinks, cook canned vegetables and meals packaged in plastic. Our children bring home countless papers from school and let’s be honest. We don’t keep all of them. There is no point in just throwing this stuff away when you can sell it for scrap and help the environment in the process. It also helps teach our children how to use everything and waste nothing and how to take responsibility for the planet they live on.

Money is the last thing we want on our mind when we settle down at night to go to bed. Refer to these ideas the next time you find yourself looking for a way to make some extra cash while going about your daily routine.