4 Most Common Misconceptions About Divorcing With Kids

Sarah Lifestyle

Getting a divorce is difficult no matter what the circumstances. When you set out with the intentions to be with someone for the rest of your life only to have it end in disappointment, it can be incredibly sad.   Throwing children into this equation makes things even more complicated and painful. No longer is it only you and your partner in the situation but you also have children who depend on you and who will be affected emotionally by the experience.

However,  divorce doesn’t have to be something entirely negative.  Of course it has its challenges, however, with enough perseverance and compassion the whole family can come out the other side stronger than before.  A positive outcome is entirely possible after divorce, despite these common misconceptions.

You Can Never Be Friends Again

Many people think that two parents who decide they are no longer in love and no longer wish to pursue a life together don’t have a chance of being friends anymore.  However, these two people can still be entirely respectful and even admire each other without being in a relationship anymore.

Even if the beginning of the separation is challenging and things aren’t always peaceful, by attempting to find a resolution together you can eventually reach an amicable relationship again.

The Kids Will Be Impacted Negatively Impacted Forever

Some couples postpone breaking up for much too long out of fear of negatively impacting with children.  However prolonging staying together in a loveless and dysfunctional relationship will actually do more damage to children than the divorce itself.

Kids are incredibly resilient and capable of making it through situations which we often believe are too difficult for them.  Your children are perfectly able to survive a divorce without sustaining lifelong emotional damage as long as you put in the work and assure them that they are safe and loved.

It Will Be a Long and Drawn Out Process

Many people have heard horror stories about divorces that drag on and on for years in lengthy custody battles.  However, this isn’t always the situation. If two parents can come together and calmly come to an understanding of what the best is for the children, then it can be as fast as only a few months.  It’s all about communication and understanding from everyone’s end.

You’ll Never Find A New Partner

A common misconception about people who are going through a divorce is that they think they will never find a new partner.  This perception of themselves as “damaged goods” is completely off the mark.  Plenty of divorced couples find new partners and live happily ever after in the second chapter of their lives.

Sometimes things simply don’t work out or they are meant to be forever.  This doesn’t mean that you are not worthy of finding love again.