4 Reasons Vaping is Bad for Your Oral Health

Sarah Health, Lifestyle

Switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes (or ‘vapers’) is a step in the right direction for your oral health since you won’t be subjecting your mouth to all the same dangerous compounds. However, you will still be taking in nicotine, so vaping instead of smoking isn’t a cure-all. Here are just four reasons you should take one more step and ditch the vaper as well as the cigarettes. 

  1. Vaping Causes Gum Recession

Whether chewed in gum, smoked through a cigarette, or vaped through an e-cig, nicotine is a vasoconstrictor – that means it reduces the amount of blood flowing through your veins. The gums need plenty of blood to receive the necessary oxygen and nutrients. When nicotine chokes off the supply, your gum tissues will start to recede.

  1. Conceals Gum Disease

It’s common for vapers to assume the habit has helped rather than hurt their oral health. With less blood flowing to the gums, bleeding from the gums is less likely. Unfortunately, this is one of the earliest and most visible symptoms of gum disease. If your gums aren’t able to bleed, they aren’t able to warn of gum disease. You might be suffering from such a condition without knowing about it.

  1. Causes Bad Breath

Vasoconstrictors don’t only affect blood flow – you’ll also find your mouth is less able to produce saliva, and saliva is useful for more than breaking down your food. In fact, it contains compounds that are vital to keep your mouth healthy. Frequent vaping robs your mouth of one of its key defences against plaque and bacteria.

  1. Leads to Grinding

People enjoy nicotine because it is a stimulant. Unfortunately, stimulants aren’t always good for your body, and they can spell trouble for your teeth since fired up muscles often lead to excessive grinding. If you’re constantly overstimulating your muscles, you may find yourself grinding your teeth harder than ever, in which case you’ll be grinding away precious tooth enamel.