5 Gifts for Your Li’l Budding Artist

Sarah Lifestyle

Kids have a short attention span. Anything that does not seem fascinating to them will be set aside immediately, while they look for something more captivating. Baby’s Day Out proved that babies have a highly active imagination and can play for hours on end. These munchkins are the centre of our attention, who get a little more naughty when their birthday rolls around.

By now, you would have been subjected to drawings on the walls, sketches on your important documents and some sampling with your lipstick, courtesy of your toddler artist. If you have such a budding artist in your home, it’s time you gift them something innovative that will help them get their creative hat on.

Following are some things that would make for great gifts for any occasion:

1.     The Emoji Book

The yellow little round faces have become quite popular with kids. The “Emoji Movie” proved how exciting the world of emojies can be. Art always starts small with alphabets and letters. The emoji book teaches kids the technique of drawing emojis using numbers, letters, alphabets and simple geometric shapes. Since drawing and colouring is a fun activity, this can be exciting for them.

2.     Table Top Art Studio

The table top art studio is an interesting kit that offers a wooden easel with different supplies, which include gel pens, chalk, paints, magnets, crayons, etc. There are more than 30 supplies, which will keep your kid occupied until they figure out how to use them perfectly. This studio makes for a great bonding session, allowing you and your kid to create a masterpiece together.

3.     Stackable Markers

Stackable markers are simple markers, but makes for a great play time. The thin tipped markers give sharp colouring lines allowing kids who have trouble colouring inside the lines, to colour easily. The different coloured markers can be stacked on top of each other to make a long marker. Simply pull the last pen out and attach it on the top. You can purchase this pen set from websites such as goodtoplay.com.

4.     Bedazzle Kit

The kit is quite popular among kids right now. To make the game more fun, why not do something creative. Buy some polystyrene base with design outlines on them. Present these pieces of cloth to your kid with the bedazzle sequins. Teach them to complete the picture using the sequins. This will keep them occupied for hours and will improve their hand eye coordination. Once done, you can sew the cloth on pillow covers or their school bags.

5.     Neon Chalks

Why go for something ordinary that your kid will probably not like. Watch the wonder on their face as they draw with this chalk. The vibrant colours of the chalk will excite and inspire them to get more creative.

The only way to motivate your kid and to bring out their inner artist is to give them the right tools. These tools will help them think outside the box, which will benefit them as they get older.