5 Reasons To Plant A Tree In Your Yard

Sarah Lifestyle

It’s great to build a “green” home, but there are other things you can do to make your mark on the environment more of a positive outcome.  Your home is the place where you can make the most positive impact on the surrounding environment.

Instead of thinking of the realm inside your home, let us visit the outdoors a bit.  Why not plant a tree? Besides the obvious environmental benefits, there are several other great aspects that surround planting a tree.  Take a quick look at just a few of the benefits of planting a tree in your yard.  

The shade of a tree can save you money

Planting trees strategically around your property is a great way to save money on cooling costs during the hot months of the year.  Mature trees provide excellent shading for your home, and can lower the temperature up to ten degrees.

It won’t hurt to spend a little time with the family playing in the yard, either.  Make planting a family event, and teach while you plant.

Trees enable life to blossom around them

The presence of trees in your yard supports the surrounding wildlife.  Birds have a new place to nest. Squirrels have food and climbing obstacles, and many other life forms benefit from the presence of a tree. 

The soil below the tree is even richer when the roots spread throughout the ground.  In a world full of pollutants, planting a tree is a welcomed gift to Mother Nature.

Trees may increase your property value

It has been determined that more than 68 percent of homebuyers are more than willing to pay more for a property that has trees than a blank lot.  People want green things around them in a world full of metal structures and concrete walkways. Increase your curb appeal, and plant a few trees.  

Improve the quality of the air around your home

Trees naturally renew the air around them.  They essentially eat up all the carbon dioxide (the bad stuff) in the air, and replace it with fresh oxygen.  Their survival depends on ours, and vice versa.

Planting trees around your home will create a pocket of cleaner air in your space.  Your yard will flourish from the protection and production of trees.  

Trees are easy to care for

The final benefit of planting one or many trees in your yard is that they are pretty easy to care for as they grow.  If you’re not the best at keeping the flower garden looking bright, then you may want to try your hands at trees.

If a tree is planted in the correct area, with the correct amount of soil, there’s little more to do than water it and watch it grow.