5 Tips for Improving Style and Space in Your Living Room

Sarah Lifestyle

The living room is probably where you’ll spend most of your waking hours when at home. For anyone with a family, you’ll be well aware of how cluttered this space can quickly get with toys, clothes and much more constantly left lying around. It doesn’t help when large furnishings, plants and other items can be taking up some of this valuable room. If you’ve got a busy or small living room and want to make the most of the space without compromising on style, then these five tips will help.  

  1. Switch Up the Layout

The first thing to do is change the layout of any existing furniture in your living room when you want to improve the space. Decide on any items which can immediately be removed or swapped for a smaller option. If you live in a two-bed flat for example, do you really need two three-seater sofas? Furniture with exposed or raised legs, and armless chairs can create more room and add a fresh style without losing any of their practicality. Furniture which is lightweight or foldable can be good, making more space available only when needed.

  1. Add a Console Table

An oak console table can be a stylish addition to any home. These wooden pieces of furniture provide plenty of useful surface space along with extra practicality thanks to options that include drawers. Styles vary so it’s possible to find such a console table that fits in with your living room’s décor, whether you’ve got a modern or more traditional vibe. Built from oak, they’re all durable to deal with the challenges of having young children running around and leave little wasted space.

  1. Get Rid of Lamps

Lamps can form a nice atmosphere in your living room, especially on dark winter evenings. However, they do take up some valuable space which could be better used for another purpose. Plus, you’ll have ceiling lights used to illuminate the room anyway, so getting rid of any lamps can be a good idea. If you really want some additional lighting, consider stringing some fairy lights or similar around any mirrors, frames or along the walls, which will use up far less space.

  1. Install Hanging Shelves

Storage is essential in the living room, but again large bookcases and other common items of furniture for this purpose can take up a lot of room. Vertical space is often the most unused area but hanging shelves can make good use of it for storing everything from books to crockery. Don’t be afraid to hang them high (as long as you can still access the top one).

  1. Use Suspended Table Tops

In a similar vein are suspended table tops, which hang down from the roof to provide some surface space with room below where the legs would usually be. These look good too, great for forming a contemporary feel in your living room. Avoid putting anything too delicate on them though, as there is a greater chance of kids swinging these around.

Create more space in a stylish manner with these five living room tips.