6 Summer Home Improvement Ideas

Sarah Lifestyle

The first thing that springs to mind when you think of summer is probably a beach holiday – doing nothing but listening to the gentle sound of the waves with a cold drink in your hand. However, summer is also the perfect season for most home improvement projects. This is due to the mostly dry weather, the longer days, and the abundant free time most of us have. So, if your to-do list includes renovations, landscaping, maintenance and repairs, it’s best to get them out of the way before the colder weather catches up with you. Here are some popular home improvement projects to do in the summer.

Transform your garden

A beautiful garden is both something that you can enjoy on a daily basis, and something that will raise the price of your real estate. Most yards and gardens are sorely underused. Use the summer months to do some much-needed weeding and pruning and to plant some colorful flowers and pretty shrubs. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can start a long-term project by planting a few shade trees. It does take some patience to wait for them to grow, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. If you enjoy fresh produce, and don’t mind some regular gardening, you can start your own orchard, vegetable patch, or herb garden.

Update your A/C system

Once the summer heat kicks in, a good A/C system is a necessity. Here in Australia, summer temperatures are relatively high as is, but when a heat wave strikes, living without an A/C is almost unbearable. If you already have an A/C system, the beginning of the summer is the right time for maintenance. This means you should open it and clean the filter and the fan. Just this simple step can ensure it works better and prevent malfunctions. If you need to replace your old system, this is the right moment. Professional air conditioning installation in Sydney is one of the most common home improvement projects during the summer.

Make it sparkle

There’s no better time to do a detailed cleaning – inside and out, than the summer months. Summer is the prime season to clean your gutters before the leaves begin to fall and the rains come. This is one of those jobs that are relatively simple, and you can save money by doing it yourself. The easiest and most efficient way to clean your house is to rent a pressure washer or hire a pro to remove all the dirt, bacteria, mold, debris and algae. While you’re on a cleaning spree, don’t forget to remove all the grime and dust from your grill, using a brush and products specifically formulated for this purpose. If you’re tired of tripping over all those boxes, take your time to declutter your garage.

Give it a fresh coat of paint

Paint jobs are usually done in the warmer months because the heat cuts down on the drying time significantly. Also, if you’re painting the inside of your home, or your doors and windows, it will take less time for the smell of paint to disappear. Painting is relatively cheap, and often it’s something you can do yourself. With just a couple of days of work, you can revamp your home’s look. Wallpapers might be a bit trickier than painting but are still manageable even on your own.

Dare to remodel

A lot of people opt to do bigger projects during the hot months. Apart from building a pool, the two most popular ones are kitchen and bathroom remodels. Depending on your budget, you can scale these projects to fit your needs and finances. Usually, this includes replacing the pipes, changing the tiles, building new cabinets and other storage units, and investing in new hardware. Don’t forget about small details that can add a new flare to the space – like shower curtains and mirrors in the bathroom or spice racks and a wine shelf in the kitchen.

Take a dip

Who doesn’t daydream of a pool in the sun? If you already have one, it’s probably weeping for a thorough clean before the start of the season. While you can remove the leaves and visible dirt by yourself, it also requires a hearty scrub and a chemical treatment. Dirt that’s settled at the bottom of the pool can be removed using a pool vacuum. Robotic pool cleaners are the most efficient type, although they are also the most expensive. Vacuuming a pool is not much different from vacuuming your carpet! Finally, don’t forget to check your pool filter for dirt and debris, and give it a good cleaning.

A lot of these summer projects are things you can do by yourself, while some of them still require professional help. Figuring out which jobs you can do on your own can be a huge money saver.