Can Resolve IRS Wage Garnishments

Failure to pay an IRS debt can result in a wage garnishment where the IRS deducts a monthly amount they deem necessary to satisfy the debt by installments. The wage garnishments can be sufficiently large to render a person unable to meet their regular financial obligations. The IRS will not resort to a wage garnishment […]

Show Team Pride With Collectible Sports Memorabilia from Collectible Supplies

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So about a week ago I stopped in at the Bank of America branch because I had been trying to call Mortgage Customer Service for three days, getting stuck in phone menu purgatory for hours, and I just wanted to see a face and get a problem straightened out. Now,  I am a proud graduate […]

Guest Post – Relax and Unwind With These Tips

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In the face of the modern era, it is not uncommon to hear of people stumbling into the dreary routines of mundane daily chores. We have all have at least one experience of being so bogged down by work, it seems as if the end of the tunnel is never ever going to reveal itself. […]

Morningside Recovery PTSD Treatment Center (guest review)

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Morningside Recovery is a fully faceted PTSD Treatment Center based in Newport Beach, California that offers a exceptionally broad spectrum of services. Their goal is not simply immediate relief of an issue, but long-term resolution, by guiding clients to restructure their entire way of living and thinking. Treatment at Morningside Recovery is a whole life […]

Kindle Fire $30 Off Today Only!

Today is Cyber Monday, the day when many retailers offer big savings on online purchases. If someone on your gift list wants a Kindle Fire, I’ve got a great deal for you! Today only, shop for the Kindle Fire on, enter FIREDEAL at checkout, and save $30 off the purchase price of $159! Kindle […]

Guest Review of Workers’ Credit Union


Now that Thanksgiving is over, my REAL work begins! I have tons of great Holiday Gift Guide Reviews and Giveaways that I’m getting ready to launch, so I invited guest reviewers to help me out with posts. This first one comes from a blogger in Massachusetts who is looking to spread the word about her […]