BrightBin – The New Generation Lunchbox


I used to think there was no reason not to use plastic sandwich and snack baggies in my boys’ lunches. They were convenient, easy to use, and kept the foods separate in the lunch bag. And then I read some statistics: Roughly 12 million barrels of oil are used annually to make the plastic bags […]

Snacktrition keeps busy bloggers going


Not only do busy bloggers need nutritious, filling snacks, but so do their kids, and Snacktrition has come up with a line of delicious roasted nuts that provide the nutrients you need in a delicious snack! Snacktrition Nuts aren’t oil-roasted but rather are “Health Baked” in a proprietary process by which they sprinkle the nuts […]

20 Mule Team Borax


Until I was contacted about doing the review of Purex Naturals Laundry Detergent, I didn’t realize how many other products that I use in my laundry room are part of the Purex family. One product I had seen in the store but had never used was 20 Mule TeamĀ® Borax, so when I was offered […]

#3-Win a pair of Baby/Kidz Banz wraparound sunglasses


Why is it that kids love to try on sunglasses, but can never actually keep them on? I’m always trying to entice my daughter with a pair that I think she will like, ones with little characters on them from the TV shows she watches, but she won’t keep them on. Did you know that […]

MomReviews’ Fabulous Finds-Olive Kids

Olive Kids Logo

All this week I’ll be bringing you my very favorite items for Moms that have been sent to me for review. In addition to today’s fantastic find from Olive Kids, I’ve got fabulous calling cards for Moms, eco-friendly makeup brushes, wonderful smelling baby lotion, and some new food finds. If you haven’t already subscribed to […]