Petz Nursery 2 for Nintendo DS


  Petz Nursery 2 is the latest in the series of Nintendo DS games by Ubisoft that let players care for virtual baby animals. It’s one of Kaitlyn’s favorite DS games because of the cute baby animals she gets to take care of.   There are 22 baby “petz” to unlock in this game. Along with […]

Mega Bloks Domino Build Game


Thanks to Mega Bloks and Team Mom, we had the chance to review the new Mega Bloks Domino Build Game.  Aimed at children ages 3-6, this fun game combines the counting of dominos with learning about colors and shapes, plus the fun of stacking blocks to build animals!  These kinds of games help develop fine-motor skills […]

Petz Fantasy: Sunshine Magic for Nintendo DS


Petz Fantasy: Sunshine Magic is one of two games for the Nintendo DS that follow the huge success of Ubisoft’s original Petz line of games. In Petz Fantasy, players enter a dream world and discover eggs that hatch into cute fantasy creatures like unicorns and dragons. There are 20 Petz to discover and collect in […]

Costume Quest for Xbox Live and Playstation Network


Halloween might be over, but with Costume Quest for Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, you can go trick or treating any time!  I received a code to download the game for Xbox Live, so for this review, I’ll be referring to that. This downloadable game costs 1200 Microsoft Points, which equals $15.00, and has […]

Thumballs by Answers in Motion – Fun for all ages!


Thumball by Answers in Motion is a game, a toy, and an educational learning tool all in one!  Shaped like a multi-sided soccer ball, Thumballs have a soft exterior and a squishy interior, making them easy for even little hands to catch. The balls come in 4 or 6 inch diameters with either 12 or […]

A Wild Ride to the Heart Board Game


Heartmath Institute’s  Wild Ride to the Heart is a board game made to help kids begin recognizing and dealing with their emotions. Including a colorful Candyland-esque board, A Wild Ride to the Heart is great for the classroom and playroom alike! Players maneuver around a heart-shaped board, drawing cards to move closer to the golden heart […]