Why We Choose Milk


We have always been big milk drinkers in my family. My parents served milk with dinner, and now I serve milk with dinner. Even when Chris and I were broke college students, we bought milk (to make macaroni and cheese of course) and had at least a glass a day. When Nathan was a toddler, […]

Wii Birthday Party Bash


The new Birthday Party Bash game from Wii puts a fun new twist on the traditional birthday party by combining everything from the invitations to the party games right on your Nintendo Wii!  Right from the Wii screen, you can choose a party invitation and email it to friends, or print out invitations to address […]

Summer Recipes and a Cookbook from Making Life Better

With summer comes new routines and exciting activities, as our kids head to camp, play and splash at pool parties, stay up later, and spend long, sunny days outside. Of course, not everything changes during the summer, especially a Mom’s routine. We still get up early, do laundry, pack lunches, and get dinner on the […]

Guitar Hero Rocks the Nintendo DS

guitar hero on tour momreviews

Thanks to Mom Central, we recently reviewed Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt / Black . My 10 year old son Nathan has been the most enthusiastic tester, racking up game points and showing it to his friends. If you are familiar with Guitar Hero, you know it uses a guitar-shaped […]

Book Review: The Spare Wife


Mom Central sent me a paperback copy of Alex Witchel’s The Spare Wife in exchange for my writing my honest opinion on the book.  The book’s main character is Ponce Morris, a New York socialite who gives fabulous dinner parties and always has time to hang out with both her male and female friends. The […]

Making Life Better with Unilever

For this Mom Central blog tour, we’re taking a look at the website Making Life Better, created by Unilever. Unilever manufactures many of the brands that you probably either use or are familiar with, including All, Axe, Bertolli , Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Caress, Degree, Hellman’s/Best Foods, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Lipton Tea, […]