Show Team Pride With Collectible Sports Memorabilia from Collectible Supplies

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So about a week ago I stopped in at the Bank of America branch because I had been trying to call Mortgage Customer Service for three days, getting stuck in phone menu purgatory for hours, and I just wanted to see a face and get a problem straightened out. Now,  I am a proud graduate […]

Buy Provigil Online and Save!

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I have bad insomnia and am pretty much used to being tired all day. I use melatonin at night to help me fall asleep, and rely on coffee, Diet Coke, and naps to keep me going through the day. There are over the counter medicines that help you stay awake and alert, but those usually […]

Coupon Shack Site Review

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When you shop online, it’s a smart idea to first check to see if there is an online coupon code available for the product or service you’re purchasing. I was offered a chance to review, which started as Coupon Monkey in 2003 and was founded by two friends with a $2.00 investment! Those friends, […]

Seriously Considering An Electric Scooter For My Dad

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My Dad is 77 years old, and a week ago Saturday something awful happened – he was taking a load of laundry out of the dryer at home and he lost his balance, fell backwards, and fractured his pelvis. I know, OUCH.  It’s six weeks of as little movement as possible while he heals, and […]

Where to Buy Colored Or Disposable Contact Lenses

Have you ever thought about changing or enhancing your eye color? If you wear contact lenses, you should be able to find colored contact lenses through your regular supplier. I remember when colored contacts were available in basic colors like blue and green, but now you can find all kinds of shades that enhance your […]

Online Shopping Makes Buying Beauty Products Fun!

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How do you prefer to buy your skincare and makeup? Do you like driving to the store, parking, going in, browsing the shelves, trying to figure out which product to buy, and then driving home again? Or do you like to buy your  beauty products online ? Personally, I’ll take online any day! Rather than sacrifice […]