PBN Review- Hot Wheels Still Awesome Toys for Boys


I look at my boys, 12 and 10 and taller than me, and I wish for those days when they were tow-headed LITTLE boys, instead of these giants sporting the beginnings of facial hair and wanting me to buy them Axe Deodorant. Thanks to Parent Bloggers Network, I once again got a brief glimpse of […]

EZSchoolSupplies-Order Now, Save Money!


Okay, I know it’s still summer, but for a lot of states, school starts in about six weeks! Yikes! Here in Michigan, a law was passed that school can’t start until after Labor Day, but it’s still not too early to start thinking about all the stuff that has to be purchased before the start […]

Parent Reviewers Giveaway-Trendy Tadpole Tees

I’ve recently started working with a new review group called Parent Reviewers, and I’m pleased to help spread the word about their giveaway. Trendy Tadpole (“hip tops for trendy tots”) is sponsoring a giveaway on Parent Reviewers of two very cool tops. It’s so fun to find clever shirts for Kaitlyn to wear, not that […]

Tone your legs with Fit Flops


Just in time for summer, a website with the strange but fitting name of sweatyBetty has introduced the Fit Flop, a sandal that uses “micro wobbleboard™ technology” to tone the muscles of your thighs and butt every time you take a step. What an interesting concept! sweatyBetty is comprised of a team of “Betties” who […]