Things My Mother Left Me

For this week’s special Mother’s Day Blog Blast, Parent Bloggers Network is asking us what our Mothers handed down to us.  I was adopted when I was 16 months old,  so I might not have resembled my Mother physically, but she definitely passed some traits down to me.  She passed away in 1997, a month […]

My House Would Be Cleaner If I Wasn’t So Lazy

Parent Bloggers Network is doing a blog blast this weekend about housecleaning.  I wish I had a snappy post for you with a chore chart and a cleaning schedule and great tips for managing those daily chores and the weekly ones or whatever, but here’s the truth: I Am A Lazy Slob I like having […]

PalPodzzz LED Nightlight and Flashlight- Functional and Fun!


Without a nightlight, going into my 3 year old’s bedroom at night would be like walking through a minefield wearing a blindfold. Despite our best efforts to help her keep her room picked up, she likes to slip out of bed after we’ve shut the door and play with her toys, inevitably leaving a trail […]


I always find it so sad that the Christmas decorations have to come down. If I had my way, I’d keep an artificial Christmas tree up all year just so I could sit and look at the lights at night. But, my husband doesn’t share my enthusiasm for Christmas decor, so the week after New […]

Getting My Act Together in 2009

For this weekend’s Blog Blast, Parent Bloggers Network wants us to talk about how we are going to “get our act together” in the New Year. They have partnered with BigTent, a website that helps groups connect online. For my New Year’s resolution, I have decided to focus on my online work schedule, and specifically, […]

Friday night Pizza and Halo Night

For this weekend’s Parent Blogger’s Network Blog Blast, we’re supposed to talk about our family holiday game traditions, what games we play when we get together for Thanksgiving or Christmas. But my extended family doesn’t play games when we get together. We eat and talk, we clear the dishes, then we set back down with […]