Help Save the Children through Frigidaire and Make Time for Change


In 2009, I had the honor of being chosen by Frigidaire through a MomCentral campaign to be on Team Fridge and receive a new Frigidaire Gallery Series refrigerator. ┬áIn those two years, we have enjoyed every feature of it, from the water dispenser to the cubed or crushed ice dispenser to the huge fresh food […]

Holiday Gift Guide- Frigidaire Gallery Series

Some years, Chris and I buy each other a few small gifts, and some years we buy something big and consider it a “family gift”, like the year we had to buy a new dryer in November. As a member of Team Fridge for Frigidaire, my suggestion to anyone thinking about making a big purchase […]

I Got Picked For Mom Central’s Team Fridge!


Holy cow, you guys, I can hardly believe this! Mom Central is doing this huge campaign with Frigidaire, and they sent out an email asking us to apply to review a new appliance. I applied to review a refrigerator because ours is ancient, and I got picked!! Check out what I’m getting: It’s BEAUTIFUL, right? […]