Does a schools website impact whether you’d send your child there?

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With the growing importance of internet and the easy availability of technology across every corner of the world, looking for any information is a simple and easy process. When individuals are searching for any products or information, they tend to use the search option that provides complete information to them. Marketing has become an important part of every business and digital marketing helps increase the visibility of the business and takes it to the next level. In order to expand the customer reach and to increase online visibility, every business needs to build a strong strategy.

Shortlisting the schools

Every parent wants to provide the best education to their child. While shortlisting schools and looking for options available, they tend to make use of the internet. They tend to look for all the options available in the nearby area. Before the parents decide to visit the school campus personally, they will log on to the website of the school and look at the information as well as the pictures on the same. Your school website is the first impression you create on the minds of the parents. If they are not impressed by your website, they are not impressed by your school.

First impression is the last impression

The first connection with the parents is through the website, hence it is important to have the perfect website which showcases the unique features of the school. A website which provides detailed information about the school campus and the facilities offered and is interactive, is an ideal website parents look for. In addition the website should show the different areas in the school with high quality images or video. Various digital marketing companies offer bespoke school website design that meets the specific requirements of different clients.

The website should be appealing and provide detailed information about the past achievements and success of the school in addition to providing the details regarding the application and admission procedure. Any information which will be useful for the parents should be included in the website. Bespoke school website design should include images, videos, contact details and the history of the school. As a parent, the website should be convincing and appealing to send their child to the school. Websites have an important role to play in selling a product or service and an attractive and reader friendly website has a long way to go.

Website design is a process which caters to the specific requirements of the clients and can be carried out by professionals. In addition to providing a layout and friendly user interface, the website should be easy to navigate and should not be cluttered with unnecessary information. Every parent wants to ensure that they choose the best school for their child and they will have a look at the website to make the decision. Websites have replaced the brochures and are the sole means of communication now. They provide the necessary information and help parents make their decision about sending their child to the school or not.