Dogs – Best Friends and Best Therapists

Sarah Lifestyle

It is quite probable that every person who ever had a dog as a pet would say that there is nothing quite like the connection that humans can have with their dogs. It’s no wonder then, how dogs are often referred to as mans best friends. Some might think that animals show loyalty only because they are mastered by humans, but this is most certainly not the case. There is an emotional bond between dog owners and their dogs that is like no other.

Reasons for getting a pet are various. Some people decide to get them for their children, some to test their future eligibility as parents, some because they are sick and need comfort and some just because they appreciate the little fuzzy thing that will always be there for them. Besides the fact that research shows dog owners have a smaller risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and other serious health problems, dogs actually have positive psychological effects on people and are proven to boost self-confidence and fitness level and lower stress and anxiety. What is more, research shows that even a short period of interacting with a dog has better and quicker effects than some drugs taken for stress.

Feeling Left Out

Many struggle with the feeling of not belonging. Whether it is young people coming to a new school and being left out or rejected by their peers, professionals who are stuck doing monotonous jobs in boring cubicles or people that are generally more introverted and don’t have particularly good communication and social skills, loneliness can occur, and researchers show that having a dog that will be waiting at home can enhance the mood as well as decrease the feeling of rejection.

Dog as a companion

It is a well known fact that some people often deal with depression by getting a dog, and where some may find that unusual, people with inadequate social support really do benefit from having a best friend who is always by their side. This is especially the case with older people, who are four times more likely to be diagnosed with depression if they don’t have dogs. But don’t forget- your friend needs you as much as you need him. It is, naturally, much healthier to spend your time outside walking your dog, but if you are not much of an outdoorsy person, make sure to take him out for a walk at least a few times a day, and you can get their grooming materials and food – our suggestion is Royal Canine dog food.


You know that a dog can be your best friend. But did you know that your four-legged pal can also be your best wing man. Try taking him out for a walk or a run in the park- it will draw attention and people are often more comfortable approaching and starting a conversation about your pet. So even if you aren’t totally comfortable with chatting up total strangers, chances are you will come back home with a few numbers if you have your wing man with you.