Esoteric Essentials – 7 Niche Gift Ideas for the Hipster Dad in Your Life

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Let’s face it, some Dads are super hip.So hip that they would wrinkle up their nose (with nostrils devoid of nose hairs thanks to their careful trimming efforts) at being described this way in the first place. They might prefer the term ‘hipster’. This refers to a subculture of hippies who wear gun holsters. Well, that’s not exactly correct, but it’s probably about as close as you’ll get to an actual working definition. Other attributes of a male hipster might include a well-groomed beard, an obligatory man bun and an appreciation of matcha green tea lattes.

Regardless, if you do have a Hipster Dad or you know of one, you’ll definitely somehow recognise the hallmarks. What you might be stumped about is what on earth to buy as a Father’s Day gift for one of these types. Well, here are ‘7 Niche Gift Ideas for the Hipster Dad in Your Life’. They are objects that are suitably ‘left of field’ and/or are esoterically inclined.

  1. Knitted beard beanie 

This has to be the ultimate in gifts for the Hipster Dad, especially when it comes to their special day. They say fake it until you make it, so if your father can’t quite grow the perfect ‘manscape’ this beanie will have him covered. A must for the cool Daddy O with an even cooler sense of humour, this is (ironically) also a great way to keep him warm!

  1. A ukulele 

Look, there’s nothing Hipster Dad wants more than to pick out a sweet tune on a ukulele.

It’s the perfect complement to his folksy vibe and loose-laced timberland treads. Too bad if his singing voice sounds like a canary put through a meat mincer. Even if it only finds a use as an object of décor (being placed ‘just so’ in the corner of the living room), this aesthetically pleasing piece of crafted wood and strings (it’s made from Ekoa, a special bio-material, no less) is a must-have accessory for the Hipster Dad in your life. proffer this Blackird ukelele – and plenty more options of its ilk.

  1. A really old-looking leather bound journal 

Hipster Dad likes to write. And, even if he doesn’t, he sure likes going to his favourite local coffee shop with the red velvet couches and ‘elk-head taxidermy wall-hanging thingamajig’ to at least give the appearance that he likes to write. More than likely, Hipster Dad isn’t into mainstream gifts at all, so an old looking notebook will do quite nicely. It might just allow him to write his autobiography, or at the very least some poetry that he can later put on Instagram. Buzzfeed is ‘king of off-the-wall’ and they never disappoint when it comes to providing suggestions of this nature.

  1. Some beard-oil 

Yes, it’s important that one’s facial follicles stay soft and sleek.

It’s not enough to use a razor, Hipster Dad needs his beard to look as majestic as a unicorn’s mane. And, to achieve that one must have beard-oil. What is it? It’s a special emollient/moisturising formula that hydrates and tames (whilst still providing an elusive and whimsical sense of movement) in a way that only a true hipster can fully understand. Amazingly, you can get beard-oil from most of the usual places these days.

  1. A steampunk dragon goblet 

There’s nothing more awesome than a steampunk goblet. That is unless it’s a steampunk dragon goblet. Hipster Dad shouldn’t sip out of anything less.

  1. A hexagram baseball jersey

Nothing says ‘I have ancient and arcane knowledge’ like the combo of a baseball jersey and a hexagram logo. For those that like to wear their special powers (literally) on their sleeve, you can’t go past some apparel featuring a spiritual seal or cipher. Check out some merchandise of the esoteric kind at

  1. A genuine rabbit’s foot keyring 

For the Hipster Dad who has everything, perhaps a rabbit’s foot from the actual specimen will hit the spot? Carried as an amulet, a rabbit’s foot is widely believed to bring good luck. You will find the real deal on ebay (apparently). If this is still a bit run-of-the mill, you could always source a racoon penis bone or a vulture head – both are said to bring great fortune to their lucky owner.

We understand that buying a gift for the Hipster Dad in your life can be quite a challenge. That’s why we have saved the day with these indescribably esoteric options. Hipster Dad will be so chuffed he might just spill his decaffeinated, half-soy milk, half-almond milk, dirty chai frappuccino all over the place.