Is gloss furniture the future?

Sarah Lifestyle

If you’ve not been shopping for furniture for a while then you probably haven’t noticed that gloss tables have become a very popular choice recently. If you’re thinking of buying furniture with a bit of flair then gloss finishes are all the rage. Gloss finishes are also very popular for kitchen units and certainly looks to appeal to more and more people who are looking for a new look in their kitchen this year.

A sleek black or white high gloss table can make a room feel really modern. If you use it as a dining table then you can simply wipe over for a really shiny finish, so this is massively popular for people who like a modern, yet practical feel. Wooden tables can be a nightmare to clean and depending on the type of wood you have selected, may need some special cleaning and treatment methods to ensure it is well-maintained. Stains can also be notoriously difficult to remove from a wooden table, so if your dining area is prone to the odd spillage, or rogue toddler art then steer clear of wooden tables.

The finish on furniture has a huge influence on the feel of any room, so if it is a modern feel that you’re trying to achieve, then gloss furniture is a great solution. Whilst many would argue that a wooden table has more character, it really does depend on what you are looking for. If you have small children, then you might get sick of wiping hand prints away and therefore are better suited to a more traditional finish.

You may think that choosing a gloss finish would limit you to the types of colours that you can get furniture in but due to the popularity of gloss finish, more and more manufacturers are producing a wide range of colours of gloss furniture. You won’t have to settle for black or white, you can get hold of pretty much any colour you want. Have a look at some of the colours that are available from companies like Danetti.

If you have wooden flooring then it can sometimes make choosing a table a very difficult process. People often struggle because they want to find a wooden finish on a table that compliments the style of wooden flooring. Opting for a gloss finish takes the difficulty out of what type of wood finish suits your flooring.

Large wooden tables can also be very heavy and difficult to move when you need to clean underneath and around it, whereas a lot of the gloss finish furniture is sturdy yet easy to move when required. If you tend to find more food on the floor after meal-times than seems to have been eaten, then you will need a table that can easily be moved for cleaning. A lighter table also means that if you require some extra space for example, if you’re throwing a party, you can move the table over to create some extra room.