How To Find The Best Ring For Your Someone Special

Sarah Lifestyle

Choosing the perfect ring for your someone special can be a daunting task, no matter the occasion.  Engagement, anniversary, birthday, or whatever; Finding a ring that they will wear can be a terrible tragedy if you have no plan of action.  

Shopping for the perfect ring may come with a built-in roller coaster of emotions, depending on the reason for which you are shopping.  Whatever the occasion, lighten the load, and check out these helpful tips towards finding the best ring for your someone special.

Become a detective and get to work

Before you begin your hunt for the perfect ring, you have to put your detective hat on your head.  Spy on your target, and pick up information regarding their style, stone, and cut preferences.  Some people are more particular than others.  

If you have free access, you can scour the person’s jewelry for hints as to their personal preferences.  There is also the route of the friends.  You could ask their friends about what they might prefer in a ring.  

Get informed on the four C’s

If you are looking to purchase a diamond, you will want to understand the concepts of the four C’s – cut, carat, clarity, and color.  The cut of a diamond is what determines the glittering quality we all know and love, so try to shoot for the highest grade of cut within your price range.  

The carat of the diamond represents its weight.  When you get more carats, you pay more cash.  Clarity is based on the number of imperfections in a stone, but you will not see them unless you have a microscope.  Lastly, color grade refers to the actual lack of color in a diamond.  The more clear the stone, the better.

Pick a stone to match the wearer

Before purchasing a ring, you should know what sort of stone the wearer prefers.  Not everyone wants a diamond, in fact, diamonds are not as popular as they once were overall.  Precious stones such as jade, moonstone, emeralds, and many others are just as gorgeous and long lasting in quality as a diamond.  

Color is in style currently, and a different sort of stone can be lighter on the budget.  Spending a little less does not take away the sentiment in which the ring is given.  

Decide what metal is best

Do not spend all of your time fixated on the centerpiece or stone of the ring.  The metal band is just as important as the setting.  Gold is no longer the most preferred type of precious metal.  Look into the durability and hypoallergenic qualities of titanium.  It is much more affordable, and its shape will last longer due to the stronger metal.  

For a more refined touch, look into the qualities of platinum.  A platinum band will stand strong against the test of time.  Platinum also develops an antiqued patina over time that will give the piece an heirloom feel.