Know-hows about Private High Schools in London

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Parents have to go through a tedious process when selecting private high school for their child. With the soaring number of educational institutions across the globe, there is a constant rise in the number of private schools. Private schools range between tiny local schools to highly selective day schools. They have no state funding and rely on fees, gifts and endowments. Many parents prefer to send their child to private school, for the infrastructure and the facilities offered by the schools. Parents believe that the academic standard in private schools are very high, which is the reason they prefer it over public schools.

Reasons why parents choose private high schools in London:

  • It helps in entering the top universities.
  • The choice of day or boarding, or a mix of two.
  • Academic standards are generally high.
  • Lesser strength in class-higher personal attention to every child.
  • Extensive range of extracurricular activities.
  • Actively promotes art and sports.
  • Beautiful buildings with finest facilities in the world.
  • Good opportunity of networking
  • Safe and secure environment for the child.

Choosing the right School:

Parents need to choose the school based on their area of residence, the age of the child and the financial standards. Private high schools have an extensive tuition fee structure and the parents need to learn about the payment of the fees and the process of application. Further, the parents need to learn about the curriculum being taught in the school before they apply to one of the schools. Visiting the school campus is also advisable for the parents. Private schools are selective than others. It is important to register your child’s name in the school in advance in order to secure an admission. The schools admit a limited number of students in order to maintain a lower strength in class. Early year’s selection could be a gentler assessment for your child and the middle school admission could mean assessing the knowledge of the child in subjects like Math and English. Most senior schools also use competitive tests in order to assess if the child meets their admission requirements.

Located in Essex, is the Colchester High School which is one of the top independent co-ed schools. The school has a reputation of providing an excellent all round education to the students. It helps in the overall personality development of the students and provides a student friendly environment. Every child needs the right guidance and coaching from a young age. The school inspires and educates the child from nursery to Class VI. It excels across the board and has a high academic success rate. With small class sizes, the high quality teachers give personal attention to every child and ensure overall development of the child. It also excels in providing extracurricular activities to the child and understands the need for personality development. Every child is encouraged to pursue the activity of their interest and they motivate the children to achieve the best results in everything the child attempts to do. Do not be lured by the top name in the market, do your researches before you take the decision.