Matching new coloured picture frames with existing home decor

Sarah Lifestyle

There was a time when people’s preferred choice of picture frame was gold. Whether the piece was renaissance, baroque or modern art, everything was framed in shiny gold. Times have changed and so has wall art. These days, other than paintings, stylish pictures grace the walls of every kind of home. Frames have changed too. Instead of ornate gold gilded frames, silver, pastel and bright colored frames have made an appearance. In order to select the right frame for a painting a picture, keep these few guidelines in mind.

While it’s important that a picture frame should match your home décor, it’s equally important that the frame should complement the picture. An aquarelle will demand a different kind of frame than contemporary art, just as a formal family picture will need a different frame than a casual vacation shot.

If you’re not sure about a frame design or colour, request a sample. With this sample, you can check if it will work with the picture and whether or not it agrees with the rest of your home décor.

While canvas paintings are traditionally displayed in a gold frame, a touch of colour can change the painting dramatically. Try burgundy red, moss green or indigo blue for instance and see how it affects the character of the painting. Alternatively, you could try matching the frame of the painting or picture to the colour of the drapes or the colour of the furniture.

In a modern interior, silver photo frames are generally preferred. Silver gives a fresh and modern look that can enhance a plain picture to a stylish addition to your home.

When selecting a frame, you might also want to keep the theme of the painting or picture in mind. Winter landscapes nearly always have a brown frame. Not only does brown contrast beautifully with the white of the snow, brown lends a touch of warmth to an otherwise chilly painting or picture. If you have a rustic interior, the brown of the frame will complement the brown wood of the furniture. By the same token aquarelles will suit a modern or contemporary interior and will look their best in white, pastel or silver frames.

When choosing a frame for a painting or picture, you might also want to keep the background in mind. If the existing interior has papered walls, you might want to choose a bigger and bolder frame for a picture. If on the other hand the walls are painted, a more understated frame might be more appropriate.

Finally, when considering a frame for an existing home décor, think where the painting or picture will be placed. In the living room, dining room, bedroom or study. Each room might dictate a different kind of frame.

Look at various frames and then look at your furniture, drapes, knickknacks and other artwork. Chances are, you’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t.