Top Baby Carriers, Slings, and Wraps in 2017

Sarah Lifestyle

Being a parent brings a different kind of joy. However, we also can’t deny the fact that it could be tiresome, especially when you have to carry your baby every now and then. The good news is there are now baby carriers, slings, and wraps that literally lighten the weight.

Using a baby carrier has lots of benefits. An ideal baby carrier reduces back strain and allows for various carrying positions. When choosing one, you should make sure that it fits both the mum and dad. Its design and size must also be flexible enough, given how fast a baby grows.

Your final purchase will basically depend on your exact needs. If you want to breastfeed your baby discreetly, you should look for a design that supports such. Also, upon buying your baby carrier, check its maximum weight capacity to ensure that it suits your baby and it can be used for a longer period.

Its exact design, color, materials are up to your preference. The range is vast, and you have multiple options.

Here are some of the top baby carriers, slings, and wraps that mummies are looking out for this 2017:

  • Breathable Baby Slings

A baby sling is acomfy pouch is designed to carry your little one in a horizontal, vertical, or inclined position. Your baby is sure to feel comfortable while having the chance to openly observe the world around them.


  1. Spandex & Cotton Blend
  2. 0-20kg Weight Capacity
  3. Ideal for babies 2-24 months old
  4. Face-to-Face, Forward Facing, Front & Horizontal Carry

Keep your baby close with this super comfortable baby carrier. It is known for being highly durable. This also has a breathable, adjustable, and beautiful design that you’ll appreciate. It comes in 3 color variants—dark blue, purple, and red.


  1. Ideal for babies 0-24 months old
  2. Poly & Cotton Blend
  3. 20kg Weight Capacity

Beth Bear brings you this comfortable baby carrier with a classy look and a great level of durability. You can front carry your child face-to-face or horizontally with this. You can even back carry him comfortably. Your child’s indoor and outdoor experience will be brought to the next level with this real gem. Choose from the four colors available—beige, orange, blue, and pink. This breathable baby carrier does the job well.


  1. Ideal for babies 0-18 months old
  2. Cotton and Polyester
  3. Front Carry, Front Facing, Horizontal, Face to Face, Back Carry

Holding their infant close is what every parent wants, and this baby sling does just that. It keeps the baby comfortable because of its flexibility.  What’s more, this type can help shield your baby from the rain and keep him close to your body’s warmth.


  • 9kg weight capacity
  • Side carry
  • Ideal for infants (0-3 months old)
  • Cotton and Spandex 


The products above all are known for their functionality. They’re also proven to stand the test of time. Their great features, stylish designs, and affordable prices make them the best baby carriers, slings, and wraps in 2017.