Top Reasons Why Online Food Ordering is Increasingly Becoming Popular

Sarah Lifestyle

Internet food purchasing and payment innovations are changing the way restaurant business cooperate with their customers. Regardless of whether it’s a pizza take-away, a ramen Hong Kong place or a top of the line French cuisine. These innovations allow hungry customers to order food with their mobile devices. Web-based purchasing is a relatively new method, however spreading rapidly due to the many consumer benefits such as wide acceptance of new payment methods like prepaid Visa card  and e-wallets. Be that as it may, by what other method does having an online presence influence the food and beverage industry?

Enhanced Efficiency

Accepting food orders from the web help makes everyday operations smooth and simple. Have you ever considered the time your staff wastes on taking order requests over the phone? The risk of miscommunication? For some restaurant, taking order via telephone can take a good ten minutes for each request. Dialect obstructions, awful gathering and mistakes add to inaccurate orders, which can be costly and disappointing to customers. Conversely, an average online order can be done under 40 seconds. Clients can instead spend more time in reading your menu, which may lead to a bigger sale. The orders are delivered to you electronically, precisely as the customers determined. This frees up your staffs to do more productive activities.

Variety of Payment Methods

Offering food digitally is financially savvy, as well as extraordinary for smaller business such as ramen Hong Kong to adjust to new payment methods that are in-trend. Millennials tend to go cashless these days, as opposed to carrying physical bank notes on them. With web-based food ordering, customers can fully utilise the many different new payment methods such as using a Visa prepaid card, virtual card and even e-wallets via NFC. Truly streamlining the whole food ordering procedure for both ends.

More Sales and Bigger Orders

With online purchases, customers tend to spend more than they initially intended because it is easier for them to read through the restaurant’s menu in detail, increasing the chances of them ordering more than their initial intention. More importantly, customers who checks-out with e-wallets or prepaid Visa cards are known to spend more than they originally planned, as the whole purchasing experience doesn’t seem as “real” as it should be. This can help boosting restaurant business in the long run.


Online order placement is extremely advantageous for small individual restaurants. Allowing them to streamline the payment process just like bigger restaurant chains and enabling them to accept a wide variety of payment methods such as prepaid Visa cards, virtual cards as well as e-wallets.

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