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Welcome to MomReviews, I’m Elizabeth. I started MomReviews because I’m one of those people who will sidle up to you in the Swiffer aisle at Target when I see you pick up a box of handheld dusters and tell you how wonderful I think they are.

Interested in having me review your product? Email me at elizabethreviews(at)gmail(dot)com, but first, read the rest of this page please!

Before you email me with a product pitch, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with my blog and my family. My kids are boys ages 14 and 12 and a girl age 5, and I only post reviews of products we have personally tested.

I receive dozens of product pitches a day and I can’t always reply to each one personally. If you don’t hear back, it means your product or service isn’t right for me and my family. You’re welcome to email me again for your next campaign!

In addition, my receiving a product, even if I asked you in an email to send me a sample, does not guarantee coverage on MomReviews.
All products sent must be non-returnable unless you want them back covered in dog and cat hair.

Even for products I love and can’t wait to review, there is a 4 to 6 week backlog on my calendar. If you can’t wait that long, please don’t pitch me this time.

I will host and run GIVEAWAYS for free in most cases, as long as you can:

  • Send me a non-returnable product similar to what is being given away. I write a review of the product first before announcing that I’m giving one away.
  • Handle all aspects of fulfillment. I will choose the winners and email them for their address which I will email to you. All shipping must be handled by you as well as answering any questions regarding shipment of the prize.

Giveaway Fee Info: If your giveaway is going to involve more than a few weeks’ time, require me to choose a large number of winners, or require me to do a lot of social networking to drive traffic to a contest, a fee will be charged to compensate me for the extra time I will put into it. Email me with your budget and we’ll work something out.

The best way to get my honest opinion of your website or brand and it’s products is to ┬ásponsor a product review, or a product review with a giveaway. ┬áLet me choose a few items from your site so that I can see how the ordering process works, how the items are packaged, and the quality of the items you carry.

I find that being able to see products for myself helps me write a much more thorough and honest opinion. A giveaway isn’t required, but I do ask entrants to visit your website which brings you traffic, and I also give bonus entries for Liking your site’s page on Facebook and for following you on Twitter, which improves your social media reach.

I want to help YOU spread the word about your site and the products you carry!

Website Reviews: I have over 2 years’ experience reviewing websites and posting my opinions on the site’s design, products, and policies. Pricing:

  • 100 word review with one link, $10.00
  • 200 word review with two links, $20.00
  • 300 word review with three links, $30.00

MEDIA KIT: Request a media kit with stats and site info using the contact me button below.


From Laura Eiman, Founder and CEO of PicPads- “Thank you for the great review and links. Your blog is really terrific. You obviously put a lot of energy into it. You make it fun for your readers,and engage them. PicPads is proud to be in Mom Reviews.”

From Kay Emerson of Zillio Math- “How delightful! Thank you. It will really help me get the word out”.