Getting Around New York City – Why To Choose Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours?

Sarah Travel

NYC is among the liveliest cities on the planet. And rightly so, it buzzes with action and activities and it never sleeps. The streets teem with vehicles causing noise and leaving virtually no room for walkers! Clearly, getting around NYC is not that simple and surely not devoid of hassles. The trouble is compounded for those who are here for the first time.  So, find a way to navigate it easily and enjoy yourself!

Why hop on hop off bus tours make sense?

First-time visitors often face a lot of issues in getting y around NYC. To them, the subway can either be confusing or unnerving while cabs are bound to be pricey. And walking, well, you should never try this unless you know the city well.

That’s why, bus tours always are a great option and bring value in many ways including:

  • You get a guided tour around NYC from the comfort of a double decker bus
  • The bus stops at major sites and attractions to let you take in the visual pleasures
  • You can actually hop off the bus at designated stops and spend as much time you deem fit
  • You can hop right back on the bus and then carry on with the tour

Clearly, these bus tours seem perhaps the best way of getting around NYC and having the best of trip in the Big Apple. However, these tours come with some advantages and disadvantages and you should know them well in advance to make your NYC trip memorable.

The advantages: 

  • These bus tours take the hassle out of getting around NYC
  • Visitors need to just hop on, sit back, relax and ride
  • No worry about finding major places or attractions as these buses stop at all of them
  • Listen to interesting GPS triggered commentary as you go around
  • Safety, comfort and convenience, you get them all when you choose these bus tours to get around the Big Apple

The disadvantages:  

  • During the peak season, visitors often have to wait in queue before getting on the bus
  • These buses won’t be immune to the horrid traffic of NYC thereby eating into your valuable sightseeing time
  • If time is what you cherish the most, these tours may not for you provided the notorious traffic snarls that NYC roads are known for
  • These buses are on a sharing basis with other tourists joining you so things often won’t be as organized as you might expect them to be

Hop on hop off New York is perhaps the most economical way to explore and visit the Big Apple and get back home with loads of cherished memories.