Looking Into the Souls of Your Four-Legged Family Members

Sarah Lifestyle

From the point of view of the entire family, I reckon dogs have one over the cats. I don’t even know why one is indicated to have to choose between being a cat-lover and a dog-lover. Why can’t you be both? Besides, a cat tends to choose you instead of the other way around and it usually chooses just one person it takes a liking to in the whole family. Dogs on the other hand aren’t that fussy about giving away their affections and I guess that makes them better as family pets.

You don’t even have to spend too much time with a family pet dog in your life to realise that actually these four-legged friends of the family do indeed have souls. They have different characters and personalities too and it’s the most adorable thing witnessing those traits coming to the fore, especially when it’s clearly visible that they’re trying to choose between letting those traits dominate over their loyalty and love towards you.

Over the years we’ve had many different pet dogs, some of which were with the family at the same time and others were with us as the singular pet in all our lives. It was when there was more than one dog at a time when we could truly point to the characters and personalities of each of our canine family members as a representation of each of their souls, but this is not to say you cannot peek into a dog’s soul when it’s the only dog around a family of human beings.

Rocky the Vet-Hater

Rocky was a special dog because this Jack Russell was the first ever family pet we got when all the kids were at that age where pets form a big part of their upbringing. There’s a huge pet portrait painted in oil that hangs in the living room in honour of his memory, featuring him striking that characteristic pose he gave whenever he realised we were at the vet’s. Rocky’s hate for the vet started during his very first visit when he had to have an ear infection dealt with, but after that the visits had only been for his regular check-up.

He would give you this priceless side-ways look as soon his look outside the car window confirmed to him that we were at his worst place in the world, but he was such a darling and somewhat reluctantly gave in to his fate and cooperated.

Of course he always enjoyed the treat waiting for him afterwards, but it is indeed these kinds of looks into the souls of our furry friends which ensure we make the best decisions for them as well when trying to improve the family’s living environment. An insistence on using pet safe pest control for example is a lasting legacy left behind from a time when Rocky was still with us, which can only be a good thing since the pets we have now benefit from such practices as well.

Don’t let anyone who has never owned a dog tell you that dogs are soulless creatures!