Preparing for Travel Prior to Departure

Sarah Travel

Travel is the one thing that makes everyone a little richer, even when you come home feeling significantly less wealthy after a week of shopping, indulging, and room service. It’s such an amazing experience to see places you don’t call home, to experience different cultures, and to meet new people. Vacation is always much-needed following the day-to-day grind of daily life, particularly following the prep work it takes to get ready for your departure. Before you depart, there are numerous items on your to-do list, and we have the most important ones to remember right here.
Copy Your Important Documents

No one wants to go into a vacation thinking the worst could happen, but being prepared is a good idea. Just in case something happens to your handbag or wallet, be sure you have copies of your financial documents including all credit cards and debit cards, your passports, and your driver’s licenses in a secure location at home. Put them in a safe deposit box and give a family member the key, or entrust someone with this information in case you need it delivered to you while you’re gone.

Check the Alarm

Before you depart on the vacation of a lifetime, double check your home security monitoring system. Make sure it’s in working order, alert your alarm company you’ll be out of town, and make sure anything that trips the alarm in your home while you’re gone is reported immediately to the police. This is going to keep your home safe and secure while you’re away.

Hold the Mail

One thing that always tips off criminals and other nefarious individuals that you’re gone is your mail piling up in the box. Call the post office and ask to have your mail held until you return from your trip. Most post office locations allow you to submit a request to have your mail held online, which makes it even easier to keep your home safe and secure.

Unplug Everything

Not only does it use ample energy to power items you’re not using, it’s not a good idea to leave things plugged in when you’re not home. Unplug your electronics, hair dryers, coffee pots and anything else you’re not using when you’re on a trip. It makes a lot more sense.

There’s already so much to do before you depart on any trip, and no one wants to add anything else to that long list. These simple items don’t take much time, but they can protect you, your family, and your home when you’re not there to do it yourself. Taking care of this business prior to departing makes your trip more enjoyable with this stress removed from your life.

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