3 Mom Hacks to Grocery Shop with Multiple Kids

Sarah Lifestyle

After I had kids, I used to daydream about those magical pitchers and crocks that were always full of milk, stew and oats in the fairy tales. No matter how much people ate, they were always full.

How wonderful would it be to just open the refrigerator and have everything constantly refilled and ready to go?

And why do we have to eat every day? It just doesn’t seem an efficient way to run things.

But there are no magical crocks, pitchers or refrigerators. Believe me, I would’ve found them if they were out there.

Besides, those fairy tales with magical containers never seemed to turn out well, so perhaps it’s for the best. (I can’t help it, though, I still want them.)

But there are things you can do to make shopping for all that food easier.

1.  Order Ahead of Time

Order your groceries for pickup. Most stores these days have a set-up where you can preorder what you need. You simply drive up when your order is ready and they load your car.

(Like elves! To carry on with the fairy tale theme.)

Yes, it’s amazing, and it’s changed my life. But, unfortunately, you’ll still have to go to the store from time to time because with kids, you never know. You’re always out of something you should still have plenty of and you have to go right that second before disaster strikes. Sometimes you’ll just have to take the little creatures with you.

2.  Have the Right Gear

To avoid children standing up in the shopping cart, knocking over that metal death contraption, and getting themselves and displays knocked to the ground, keep them safe and securely fastened.

Consider the beauty of the Binxy Baby hammock. Unroll that durable, comfy thing and snap it safely into the shopping cart. Then harness your kid in there! The hammock holds up to fifty pounds of mischievous child. Best of all, you still have room for groceries underneath the hammock–or two, if you need them.

Next, keep your littlest one safely strapped to you in a hands-free baby carrier. These streamlined carriers are ideal for shopping and your baby will love having you so near. A superb baby carrier makes all the difference.

3.  Bring a List …

For both of you!

You can either buy food stickers and make a little list for your older children to check off, or print a shopping list with pictures. When your children feel like they’re part of the shopping team, they’ll (hopefully) stay laser-focused while helping you pick up the family supplies. At least it will keep them occupied for a while.

Make sure you are the keeper of the stickers, though, or you’ll suddenly have a list full of ice cream. Which doesn’t sound that bad, when you think of it, but no–we have to be the responsible adults.

Before you head out, try to make sure all the kids are fed, changed and aren’t ready for naptime when you hit the aisles. Bring some favorite snacks in a plastic baggie, so no one thinks you’re shoplifting, and make sure you have more diapers and essentials than you think you’ll need.

You’ve got this!