3 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Teen’s Safety Behind The Wheel

Sarah Lifestyle

Having a teen driver can be an exciting and stressful time. While you might like the prospect of not having to be the chauffeur any longer, you also now have to trust your teen to be safe on the road. Depending on your teen and their comfortability behind the wheel, you could find yourself stressing out every day that your teen chooses to drive. Luckily, there are some things you can teach your teen that will help both of you feel more confident in his or her ability to avoid accidents on the road. To show you how you can do this, here are three things you can do to increase your teen’s safety behind the wheel.

Be The Example For Your Teen

To show your teen just how important safety as a driver is, the best thing you can do is work to be the best example you can be. According to HealthyChildren.org, this should consist of not using your phone while you drive, always wearing your seatbelt, never drinking and driving, keeping a safe following distance, eliminating all possible distractions, doing proper car maintenance, obeying the speed limit and keeping to all other traffic laws. Not only will this show your teen the right way to be a driver on the road, but it will also help to keep you and all others safer when you’re behind the wheel.

Talk About The Use Of Technology While Driving

Teens today seem to have their phones glued to their hands and eyes almost at all times. But when they’re driving, these habits are going to need to be broken quickly. So many car accidents and injuries happen as a result of a driver being distracted by their phone. Because of this, it’s important that you talk to your teen about the use of technology while driving. To discourage them from using their phones while behind the wheel, Teen Safe recommends that parents share with their teens the statistics about distracted driving as well as stories about bad things happening when someone was distracted by their phone. Additionally, if your teen does get in trouble while being on their phone behind the wheel, you need to hold him or her solely responsible for all repercussions.

Use In-Car Apps To Keep An Eye On Things

If you’re concerned about how safe your teen will be when you’re not around, Stephanie Emma Pfeffer, a contributor to Family Circle, shares that there are quite a few in-car apps that can keep an eye on things for you. Some of these apps will inform you if your teen is speeding, block their phone from getting calls or messages while in motion and more.

To help keep your teen safe when driving, consider using the tips mentioned above to better protect them.