3 Tips For Dealing With A Teen Who Wants A Motorcycle

Sarah Lifestyle

As a parent, the most important thing to you in your life is that your children are safe. So when you have a child that’s about ready to start driving, you might start freaking out a little bit about them taking their life in their own hands. But for many parents, driving a car is much more welcome than driving a motorcycle, which is something that many teens are very interested in. So to help ensure that you don’t have a teen that simply rebels against you, and to keep your nerves in check, here are three tips for dealing with a teen who wants a motorcycle.

Try To Understand Why

Before you instantly tell your teen that a motorcycle is never going to happen, you might first want to understand why it is that your teen wants to drive a motorcycle in the first place. According to WorldWideMotorcycles.com, understanding why it is that your teen wants a motorcycle can help you better make the decision about whether or not to allow this. If your teen is looking to save money on things like fuel or overall costs, a motorcycle could be a great option. However, if your teen just wants to look cool or drive fast, a motorcycle isn’t the best or safest choice for transportation.

Focus On His Or Her Safety

If your teen is set on having a motorcycle, you might want to shift your concerns from trying to get them to make a different choice to ensuring that they make safe decisions about the bike and while on the motorcycle. According to Joanne Will, a contributor to The Globe and Mail, you will likely get a lot further with your teen if you express your concerns about his or her safety and talk about ways to keep safe while riding a motorcycle. Then if they still choose to make this decision, at least you can know that they’ll be safe and smart about it.

Make Maintenance Their Responsibility

Teens in general don’t really like to take responsibility for things. But when you have a mode of transportation that you own and operate, all the responsibility for its maintenance and upkeep falls on you. According to the New York State Department of Health, this is something that you should give completely to your teen. By making all maintenance their responsibility, they’ll need to read their owner’s manual and put their own sweat or money into the motorcycle if they want it to be functional for them. This could make them much more safe about how they ride and what they choose to invest in a bike.

If you have a teen that wants a motorcycle, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you feel better about allowing this to happen.